25. August 2010

MTV Behind The Scenes Catalyst Footage

MTV have posted another behind the scenes clip of "The Catalyst" video on their website, in preparation of tonight's midnight EST release. MTV say more behind the scenes footage is to come in the article.

"My voice is a little tired, because I'm singing on this one. And it's a lot of singing; it's been a long day, a lot of smoke [being used]," Shinoda told us on the set of the video. "Once again, Mr. Hahn is in the driver's seat, and we have faith in where he'll take us."

And Shinoda isn't the only one who got smoked out. Hahn shot other scenes in which he sealed his bandmates in a glass case, then filled the thing with clouds of smoke (he also shot the performance high speed, which, when slowed down, makes for some arresting visuals). And we haven't even mentioned the piles of multicolored dust he covered the band in, which made for some messy — and totally excellent — footage.

There's still plenty of behind-the-scenes footage to show you, but for right now, check out this exclusive sneak peek at the making of "The Catalyst" in the above video. You'll see, once and for all, that Linkin Park truly suffer for their art.

source: lpassociation.com

And for all German Fans. You can watch The Catalyst at 6 am tomorrow .