27. August 2010

The Catalyst Video Contest

Dailymotion and Linkin Park are giving fans an opportunity to make their own video of The Catalyst, the winner will receive some awesome prizes!

Mike and Brad are shown in this video asking you to make your own video for The Catalyst and upload it on dailymotion.

Watch clip here

You could win:
- A meeting with the group in Paris 25/10/10
- 2 seats for the concert in Paris Bercy 25/10/10

I don’t know French but I got this: upload your video on Dailymotion before September 23rd, the rest is just telling you what Mike and Brad said, make your own video. Oh and what you could win, I think, lol.

I don’t know if it’s available to everyone, it didn’t say but I think anyone can participate just as long as you have transportation TO France where the m&g will be and the concert tickets are for, Paris Bercy.

source: mikeshinodaclan.com