30. Juni 2010

Linkin Park Puzzle #3 Solution

As soon as the online puzzle are online there's a solution!

An orange watermark on the image reveals:

The Catalyst, August 2nd.

Is this the name of the first single and its release date? It would definitely coincide with what was leaked on LPLive date-wise last week. We have some solid information! Only one more month!

Source: LPlive


Linkin Park Puzzle #3

A message from mike.


Mike in Studio

From LP Facebook:
In the studio today.



Chester To Be Featured On The New Carlos Santana Album

From lplive.net:

From the very recent interview with Carlos Santana:

Tell me about your new studio album. It sounds like a pretty exciting project.

I'm very, very grateful because I get to participate in something that is very [wonderful]. For example, "Supernatural" was a really, really humongous door for me to walk through. This is another one; I can see it already. The name of the CD is probably going to be called "Guitar Heaven." The songs are from Jimi Hendrix, "Little Wing"; "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," The Beatles; "Can't You Hear Me Knocking," The Rolling Stones; "Sunshine of Your Love," Cream; "Back in Black," AC/DC; "Dance the Night Away," Van Halen; "Whole Lotta Love" (Led Zeppelin); "Smoke on the Water" (Deep Purple); "Riders on the Storm" (The Doors); "Fortunate Son" (Creedence Clearwater Revival).

The [guests] are Joe Cocker, India.Arie, Yo-Yo Ma, Scott Weiland, Rob Thomas, Pat Monahan, Chris Cornell, Jacoby Shaddix, Chester Bennington, Scott Stapp. All of my life, since I can remember, everything that I do is coming in with everyone. I don't come in alone. So this is not like a shtick or a gimmick or something that I do with guest artists. I've been doing this since '67 with everyone. It feels wonderful to walk into a room and you feel the love. With Joe Cocker or India.Arie or Rob Thomas, there's a mutual exchange of love, so by the time we get to the song, it's very natural, normal.

Full interview here

source: Joehahn.org


29. Juni 2010

Linkin Park Puzzle #2

From mikeshinoda.com

A new puzzle is up at http://linkinpark.com/message. It’s a good one.

I gave you too much help on the last puzzle. You’ll have to ask Chester about this one. http://twitter.com/chesterbe


26. Juni 2010


from Mikeshinoda.com


In the linkinpark.com chat, KATHYxx and NeXus87 just solved the puzzle. Rob Walker and MCRC were instrumental in getting there, and a special shout-out to Alex, whose post also came very close to the correct answer:


Please let me know if you think anyone else was instrumental in getting to the correct answer.

Now, please erase all the stuff you’ve filled your minds with regarding ASCII, double discs, release dates, concepts, Trinities, the Matrix, and FIRIN’ MAH LAZARS!


25. Juni 2010

The Final Frontier

From mikeshinoda.com:

Fiore just found this yesterday. I can’t remember if we ever put it online…we basically shot this in between takes on the set of “Leave Out All The Rest.”
Watch clip here.


20. Juni 2010

Linkin Park to Appear On LA Lloyd’s Rock 30 10th Anniversary

FMQB reports that Linkin Park will appear on LA Lloyd’s Rock 30 Tenth Anniversary, which is July 3rd and 4th. Although the official site (LA Lloyd’s Rock 30) doesn’t say anything about Linkin Park, it says this about future guests:

July 3-4
LA Lloyd’s Rock 30 TENTH Anniversary
Counting down the biggest songs from 2000-2009 and segments with the biggest co-hosts from the past 10 years

source: mikeshinodaclan.com , Joehahn.org


Linkin Park’s New Sound On Upcoming Album

XFM Radio (London) has provided some news about Linkin Park’s upcoming album and their new “sound,” here’s what the radio’s anchorperson said:

I had someone come in and play me brand new Linkin Park material in the wake. Someone from the management company. This is no lie. Came in to the XFM studio with a cop from America who would flown over with the one copy of the 6-track sampler of the new Linkin Park album and basically this cop’s job was to guard it at all times. This is the true story. It really was the case of the new material being on the lock and key. But it was really good and actually very different. If you’re one of those people who thought that Linkin Park have made the same album 3 times as far as their new studio releases go, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this new one. There’s rapping on it, but not the kind of rock-rap type of stuff that Mike Shinoda has done in the past. And the track is going to be the first single. At its full-length is almost proggy in places. It’s very very good. Lots of take in, lots of new layers coming with the Linkin Park sound. And of course they have confirmed the full UK tour.

source: mikeshinodaclan.com , JoeHahn.org


18. Juni 2010

The Message

For those who don't know...thats what the Picture says:
More messages coming soon

source: LPcolombia,i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm7/zaneroks94/LP.jpg


15. Juni 2010

New Linkin Park album in september?

According to the german newspaper Bild will Linkin Park release their new album in september.

For the german(!) article click here


New Band Member

From phoenixlp:

At our video shoot today with out newest band memer!


14. Juni 2010

Grey Daze - 2 new live videos

Jonathan Krause (ex-bassist of Grey Daze) has released two unreleased live videos.
The Songs are "Smoke Mouth" and "Commit"

Source: lpr.de


12. Juni 2010

UK Shows added

From linkinpark.com:

Three shows added in the UK. Pre-sale tickets for LPU members go on sale Tuesday, June 15 and tickets go on sale to the public on Friday, June 18 at 9AM HERE.

November 4: Manchester, UK - MEN Arena

November 9: Birmingham, UK - LG Arena

November 10: London, UK - O2 Arena


10. Juni 2010

An accurate timetable

From twitter.com/phoenixlp:

Here's a more accurate timetable: World Cup arrives, Celtics become champs, hair is respectable (hopefully), album releases.



5. Juni 2010

Linkin Park Tour Announced

On the Rock am Ring video screens, they showed dates for an upcoming LP tour in Germany!

20.10 Berlin O2-World
22.10 Stuttgart Hanns-Martin-Schleyerhalle
27.10 Köln LANXESS Arena
29.10 Hamburg O2-World
02.11 Frankfurt Festhalle

Credits go exclusively out to BlackChester who posted it on his site here.

They have been confirmed by the LP management.
sources:blackchester.de lplive.net and JoeHahn.org


What Would You Want To Know?

From :LPU's Myspace

If you could ask ANY LP band member to see/share something personal or learn something about them that you've been dying to know, what would you want to see/ask? (Something other than info/updates from the studio, what else would you like to know/see?)

Eileen21LPUHQ: I'd ask to see each one of their favorite home cooked meal's recipe...then try to make it!

Let's hear your thoughts!


2. Juni 2010


From Linkin Parks newsletter so check out your Mails:

We're giving you a chance to have your "Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion!" character added to the 8-Bit Hero's Gallery that we are planning to have featured within the game. Create an "8-Bit Rebellion!" avatar using http://8bityourself.com or you can create and submit your own unique 8-Bit character. Seven entries will be selected to be featured and each of the winners will recieve a framed printout of their design signed by the members of Linkin Park. Visit LinkinPark.com for contest details.

Contest subject to Official Rules.