30. Oktober 2009

DBS Concert @ Europe

DSead By Sunrise will be playing a Concert in Paris on November 20th at the Tony Hawk Show 2009.

The Concert starts at 22:30 till 23:30 .
Where? Grand Palais à Paris
Ticket Price: 40 Euros

Thanks to Dead By Sunrise.fr for the Information.

Source: deadbysunrise.fr


29. Oktober 2009

LPU Chat with Rob

For all LPU members:
Rob will be chatting with LPU members on Wednesday, November 18th at 4pm.

Source: lpunderground(twitter)


28. Oktober 2009

"New Divide" Nominated for Best Video of 2009

Linkin Park’s video for "New Divide" has been nominated for Fuse's Best Video of 2009! Vote for "New Divide" here.


26. Oktober 2009

Dead By Sunrise Halloween gig (KROQ)

Dead By Sunrise have a show on the KROQ Halloween Party.
Check this site out for more information.

Source:Twitter (Amir Derakh),KROQ


25. Oktober 2009

Dead By Sunrise - 20 Eyes (Misfits Cover) /Kerrang! Podcast

I found This 2 Videos on Youtube.
In the first Video you can see Dead By Sunrise is playing 20 Eyes (misfits Cover) Live in New York City.
The second one you can see Kerrang Podcast with Dead By Sunrise
You can find more Videos here.

Source: Dead By Sunrise Videos


24. Oktober 2009

Dead By Sunrise - First Full Live Show 2009

Check out the new DBS video "First Full Live Show 2009".


23. Oktober 2009

LP nominated for Favorite Rock Band

Linkin Park is nominated for a People's Choice Award as Favorite Rock Band.The top five will become the official nominees for the category.

The list of nominees will be finalized on November 10th.

lpunderground posted that at Twitter.

You can Vote here.

Good Luck to LP.=)

Source: LPUs Twitter , DBS Fansite


22. Oktober 2009

Out Of Ashes Charts / News from "Let Down"

Germany #5
Switzerland #18
Austria #11
and the digital Charts #2

By the Way the single and the video from "Let Down" will be published soon, because tomorrow you can hear "Let Down" on every radio station.

Source: Linkin Park Revolution


21. Oktober 2009

Video "We need to talk"

I Found a Video on Sunrise On Fire were Chester and Ryan have to answer a few questions. I think The Video is cool.Thanks for SoF for Posting this.

Source: Sunrise On Fire


20. Oktober 2009

Auction to Benefit Disaster Relief in Southeast Asia & Pacific Islands

I found this on the LPU.

As you know, Music for Relief is raising funds following recent typhoons, earthquakes, and tsunamis in Southeast Asia & the Pacific Islands. Check out our auction including a guitar signed by Linkin Park and a piece of the video set from the Transformer's New Divide video shoot, VIP tickets to the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans and more.

Place your bid to win...
- Guitar and a piece of the Transformers New Divide music video set singed by Linkin Park!
- Xbox 360 signed by Less Than Jake, Chiodos, Underoath, Anti-flag
- Skate deck and headphones by Skull candy signed by 3Oh!3
- Equipment used by + a rare signed lithograph autographed by Incubus
- VIP Ticket Package for the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans
- Guitar and Lithograph Autographed by Staind
- Anaheim Ducks Hockey Memorabilia
- Revolution Unseen: The Hidden Art of Projekt Revolution Art Book featuring art from Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance and more - signed by all the artists
- Skate Deck by West 49 Redstar signed by All Time Low
- Skate Deck by Concrete Wave Soul Board signed by Bad Religion

Click here to bid.




We working at a Galerie for our Site...i hope we finish it fast. If you have Pictures we can use for the Galerie send us a mail at kampffusel77@hotmail.de. You can put your Copyright on it.=)


19. Oktober 2009

Dead By Sunrise on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

I found this Information at the LPU.
Lucky for those who can go =)..

If you're in the LA area, you can see Dead By Sunrise perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, October 21 for FREE

For your Tickest click here.
Have Fun there.



16. Oktober 2009

Dead By Sunrise Listening Parties in the UK!

I foun some Information for the DBS Listenin Parties in the UK on LPU you can read it here .

There will be a number of Dead By Sunrise listening parties throughout the UK this weekend! Fans will be able to listen to the album, and also have the chance to win some DBS shirts! Times and locations are below:

Friday, Oct 16 - Sheffield, Drop @ The Corporation (from 9.30pm)
Saturday, Oct 17 - Newcastle, Legends (from 9.00pm)
Saturday, Oct 17 - London, Chinese Karaoke Bar St Moritz (from 10.00pm)
Saturday, Oct 17 - Birmingham, The Academy (from 9.30pm)
Saturday, Oct 17 - Nottingham, Rock City (from 9.00pm)
Saturday, Oct 17 - Manchester, Jilly's (from 9.00pm)
Saturday, Oct 17 - Liverpool, Krazy House (from 9.00pm)
Saturday, Oct 17 - Glasgow, The Cathouse (from 10.30pm)
Saturday, Oct 17 - Glasgow, Voodoo @ The Cathouse (from 5.00pm) - Under 18’s



Dead By Sunrise New York City The Gramercy Theatre Setlist

The DBS Setlist for the Concert at The New York Gramercy Theater 14th October 2009.
I foun the Setlist on the Dead By Sunrise Fansite.

01. Crawl Back In
02. Condemned
03. The Morning After
04. Fire
05. Let Down
06. Walking In Circles
07. Too Late
08. The End Of The World
09. My Suffering
10. Inside Of Me
11. 20 Eyes (The Misfits cover)

Source:Dead By Sunrise Fansite


DBS on Sonic Seducer *UPDATE*

Dead By Sunrise is on the Cover of the Magazine Sonic Seducer.

There is a DBS Poster an Interview with DBS and CD with My Suffering in the Magazine.
You can buy iton Firday the 16.10.2009 in German Stores.
Here a Pic of The Cover.
I think i gonna Buy The Magazine and i will take scans of the Poster and Interview.

I took scans of The Interview and Poster.

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

A2 Poster


15. Oktober 2009

Fanart Rob and Chester

We got a new Fanart Picture from LaurafeatChaz.
What do you think about it ??
Thank you =)


14. Oktober 2009

Fanart Video

I found a great Fanart Video for our site on youtbe.=)
Thank you LauraFeatChaz for this cool Video =).


Dead By Sunrise - Crawl Back in Live David Letterman

Amir postet this Video at Twitter.
This Video is from David Lettermans show 13.10.2009.


Linkin Park before they were famous

I found a cool Video here.
This Vid is Linkin Park before they called Linkin Park.=D
Jammin' with Hybrid Theory


13. Oktober 2009

New Interview

I have found this Interview with Chester from theaquarian

Here is a abridgment from the text:

The record was written over a long period of time, because when we started the record it was late 2005 or mid-2005, so I started writing it then and we worked till end of the year. Then I started working on Minutes To Midnight. So I took the next three years off basically from working on the record [Out Of Ashes]. After that, I started picking it back up again after we finished touring for Minutes To Midnight.

And here is the full Interview.


New LPTV Episode: Chester Wraps Vocals

Check out the new LPTV episode "Chester Wraps Vocals".
Click here


12. Oktober 2009

Dead By Sunrise - BBC Radio 1 Interview 08.10.2009

Hey i got a mail today from Jani with the Link of this Video.
Its an Interview with Dead By Sunrsie on BBC Radio 1.
You can hear the other Parts on Janis Youtube Channel here.
Thanks for that Information =)


11. Oktober 2009

Stock Car Crash Challenge with Dead By Sunrise

Yesterday Dead By Sunrise played "Crawl Back In" live for the Stock Car Crash Challenge in the Schalker Veltins-Arena, Germany.

Check this out!

Update: we found another Video...Dead By Sunrise before Crawl Back In.


10. Oktober 2009

Rob Pictures

I just found a few new Rob Pictures.

I think they are really cool.
Hope you like the pics.


8. Oktober 2009

LPU Newsletter Interview with Rob

There as great Interview with Rob on the LPU8 Newsletter.For those who haven't the Newsletter you can read the questions and answers here.Just click on the Pictures below to read it.


7. Oktober 2009

Interview with Dead By Sunrise

This is a Video from KROQ Interview with Dead By Sunrise.
Its a funny Video but it contains strong language.


Fort those wo didn't get a Ticket to the Dead By Sunrise Concert in Hamburg you can win 1 card if youre one of the first 50 Persons.The Doors will be open at 7.30 pm. The adress is this Gruenspan
Grosse Freiheit 58
22769 Hamburg
good luck.
Source: Dead By Sunrise MySpace Blog


6. Oktober 2009

Interview with Chester

Our Friend Nadine found an Interview with Chester on 1live. The interview is in German so we hope that some of you understand that.You can read the full Interview here.

And there is a Picture of Chester and Ryan.

Another Interview on 1live with Chester starts at 20.00 German Time. So have a look here. Click on Webcam and online Radio to see ands hear the interview.You can found this on the right corner.


Interview with Chester on ArtistDirect

Another Interview with Chester.
The Interview has great questions and answers.
You can read the full interview here.

"I wrote [Inside Of Me] specifically about being away from my family and my wife, and how I really don't like that. I get into a very dark place. I'd battled relapse at that point. I'd been away from her for so long that I was like, "I'm not doing well—I want to drink or do something." That's the kind of thought process that my brain goes into—well, it's bad, let's make it worse. That's not cool, you know? That song is exactly about that. "Fire" is the only song where I didn't go directly to something with me, but after I wrote it, it actually related to me. In a lot of ways, that song is about doing some soul searching and trying to feel that greater power out there in the universe—knowing you're connected to that. Some people feel like it's a sad song about losing somebody and having them look down on you. You always imagine, after someone passes, that they're up there looking down at you and watching over you—that brings comfort to people as well. In that way, I think that song does connect in many different facets. Every song on this record is about a specific thing that happened to me—that I dealt with over the past four or five years."


5. Oktober 2009

Myspace Dead By Sunrise Interview

luvnlp postet a Link at Twitter today.
This Video is an interview on Myspace with Dead By Sunrise.
The Interview with DBS starts at 00.40 minutes.
Have Fun =)

The MySpace Music Feed: Dead By Sunrise and Lights


4. Oktober 2009

Interview With Chester on Ultimate-Guitar

Ultimate Guitar had a great Interview with Chester.
You can read the full interview here.

"The longer Linkin Park is around, the more difficult it is to find a place that we fit in best. Are we a pop band? Are we an alternative rock group? Are we a modern rock act? Are we a metal group? Or are we something else? Nobody knows what the hell is going on with us anymore, and I think that’s something that will propel us into being a better band in the future. I think it sets us apart.

I do believe this record is definitely going to help make that more difficult for people to understand. In terms of how it sounds, we’ve got 40 songs. A handful of them are amazing. A dozen or so are really good, and the rest could have potential. The ones that are pretty amazing and the ones that everyone is pretty much like, “As long as the lyrics are great, the song is a masterpiece” – they are really **** good.

Source:LPA, ultimate guitar


DBS Article

I found this small Article on LinkinLady.net



2. Oktober 2009

Listen to "Let Down" Now! / Photo Shoot

You can listen to "Let Down" from Dead By Sunrise's upcoming album Out Of Ashes now on NoiseCreep.com.
And you can pre-order Out Of Ashes on iTunes now before it's released on October 13th.

Check out this behind the scenes video from a Dead By Sunrise photo shoot for the new album:
Dead By Sunrise Photo Shoot


Picture.Video,DBS Merch

Rob Picture!!
Someone posted a link to a Picture of Rob in the Shoutbox.This is it =)..
Thanks to the guy =)

Interview with Chester !!
And Sunrise on Fire postet a new Interview with chester.

First Dead By Sunrise Webstore!!
The First Dead By Sunrise Merchandies webstore opened.=)
you can Pre-order Out of Ashes, along with a limited-edition, exclusive T-shirt, this is not available anywhere else.
I found this Information at the LPU.

Source: Sunrise on Fire ,LPU, robert downs photography