7. August 2010

Dark as Day Follow Up with Levi Holiman

From lpassociation.com

Last month we reported details of a movie listed on IMDB titled "Dark as Day" directed by Levi Holiman, which was speculated to star Mike Shinoda & Chester Bennington in a casting role. Well, not liking speculation, the LPA set out to confirm or disprove these rumours, and give you fans a little insight on the status of this project.

After speaking to Levi Holiman myself personally, here is what we discussed, and what Levi had to say on the project.

- On how Levi met Chester, and involved him within the project:
Chester and I went to High School together in AZ. I had written the "Dark as Day" script, 5 years ago, after moving to Los Angeles. I ran into Chester on the set of "Bleed it out." We hadn't seen each other since 96 maybe? So I told him about the script and asked if he'd be interested in reading it. He gave me his info and I sent it to him.

About a week later, he emailed me and agreed to play a part in the film. We initially wanted to see if he would be good for the lead but because of his busy schedule, he felt it would be better for him to make an appearance in the film rather than committing to the lead. Understandable.

- On whether or not Mike Shinoda will be involved:
I don't know Mike Shinoda though. As far as I know, Chester will be the only one from LP involved. I do love Mike and his music. SOB is one of my favorite groups. I listen to "Second to none" almost everyday on my ipod.

- On Mike's name being listed on IMDB:
I just checked imdb and have no idea how Mike's name got on the castlist. It would be great to have Mike but I have no other information on that.

- More on Chester committing to the project:
The first time I saw Chester act was in high school. He was good. I remember him chasing someone on stage with a fire poker. I think he played an old man in the play. But that was back when he had hair and glasses like John Lennon. When I asked if he wanted to move back to acting later his eyes perked up and he seemed very excited.

- Chester's role in the movie:
All I can tell you with regard to the film is that Chesters character is going to be a challenge for him. Emotionally, I'm going to ask him to push himself. But I'm not worried whether he could pull it off or not. He's a pro and he's been performing for a while.

He doesn't play a bad guy in the movie. He's a good guy that has made a lot of bad choices and when his character is introduced in the film, he has realized the damage he has done and is ready to atone for his sins. I'm really excited to see Chesters angle on the character and am very confident that whether you are an LP fan or not, people will really dig his character.

- The vision for Dark As Day:
"Dark as Day" is like the the dark back alley for a fairy tale. It's in the same vein as "Jacobs Ladder", "Donnie Darko" and "Vanilla Sky." If the fans like those movies, I think they'll like DAD. If they don't, they might want to put my head on a stick.

- The status of the project:
Financing has been quite difficult because of the state of the economy. We are hoping to find an independent source that will put in 7 figures and the search is still on.

- Levi's kind words in regards to the LPA:
I love that you guys are doing so much to promote other projects that involve Chester. For no name guys like me, Chester coming on board and you guys writing articles about this could make all the difference in getting established as an artist.