26. Mai 2010

New LPTV Episode!

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From MikeShinoda.com :

This one’s for Charlie Bravo. I’m messing around with HavocNDeed’s remix of NWA’s “Dope Man” in this video.


2 New LPUTV Episodes!

From the LPU twitter:

"Holy exclusiveness! 2 brand new LPUTV episodes added to LPUnderground.com. They're even more exciting than the Lost finale."




25. Mai 2010


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From the Mail:

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22. Mai 2010


From LPU:

Have you checked out the DOWNLOADS SECTION lately? Maybe you should...since we just added the LPU9 CD for digital download for all LPU9 Annual Members plus some new 8-Bit Rebellion! themed wallpapers and buddy icons. ENJOY.


20. Mai 2010

Chester Bennington from Linkin Park visits Cardons. Pictures

From Cardon Children's Medical Centers Facebook:

Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park, visted Cardon Children's Medical Center yesterday to bring some cheer, and some CDs, to the kids in the hospital.
Ort: Cardon Children's Medical Center

Here are some Pics:

For more go here


19. Mai 2010

Mike Shinoda talks about working with Cypress Hill.

Mike Shinoda talks about working with Cypress Hill in this Video.
The Interviw starts at 1:22.

source:billboard.com zmarter.com


SMURF | Formal Apology

From suru-la.com:

We at SURU, including artist’s Joseph Hahn and Jeff McMillan would like to extend our sincerest apologies to the rightful owners of the world famous SMURF name, mark and character owners. The unauthorized use of their intellectual property was used without knowledge or consent; in the recent production of the Print entitled “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day.” Furthermore, the infringing Print violated the valuable rights associated with SMURF family of names, marks and characters. The nature of the print was neither expressed nor implied by the owners, and was interpreted by the artists and not the rightful owners. Any and all remaining Prints have been destroyed and will no longer be sold or produced.


SURU | Joseph Hahn | Jeff McMillan

source: Joehahn.org


15. Mai 2010



14. Mai 2010


From mikeshinoda.com

Saw Get Busy Committee at The Viper Room last night. Amazing! Here are some clips:

Young De played right before GBC–I had met him thru Cypress Hill and GBC a few times, but I had never seen him on stage. He’s got a lot of charisma up there. Good short set.

GBC opened with My Little Razorblade. The room was small but packed with excitement–lots of energy in the room.

They played a new song. I think it was called “Boys Have A Penis, Girls Have A Vagina.” I got too close to the speakers and my phone didn’t pick up the song. Oops.

All in all, it was a great time. BTW, I saw some people filming there…if you’ve got footage of the show, tweet GBC to let them know–they might want to talk to you about using it.


11. Mai 2010

Joe Hahn at David Choe “Nothing to Declare” Exhibition

Watch video of the art of David Choe and some scenes with Joe Hahn here.

source: JoeHahn.org


8. Mai 2010


from MikeShinoda.com

I forgot to put this up last week: 8 Bit Rebellion hit #1 on the music games chart in the iTunes app store in its first week. This is just a note to say “thank you” to everyone who has bought the game. If you like the game, keep spreading the word and posting reviews in the app store.

We’re talking about updates to the game right now…looking forward to adding more fun stuff to do. More to come…



From MikeShinoda.com

I missed the opening of David Choe’s NOTHING TO DECLARE show in Beverly Hills; I was able to finally get down there this afternoon. Great stuff. If you get a chance, definitely check it out–it’s on Beverly in the space where there used to be a big clothing shop–so it has tons of room for the art. Loved the crazy balloon/whale/guts in the middle. I figured I wouldn’t post any pics of the show, since there are already tons online (Eric Nakamura had a great pictorial HERE, Hypebeast HERE, and David’s website HERE).

Lazarides and company are about to bring some good shit to Beverly Hills…Can’t wait for the next show, with JR, Antony Micallef, Vhils, and Connor Harrington.

Gallery Location: 320 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210


5. Mai 2010


We just added some Screenshots of Blackbirds to the R&C Galerie.
Just click on the Picture below to see the Pics.


Linkin Park to play Isle Of MTV Malta? Official Statement

Times Of Malta confirmed their mistake about Linkin Park and Isle Of MTV Malta.


Source: LP Live


4. Mai 2010


From MikeShinoda.com

I’m back with another featured character from our 8 BIT REBELLION game. “The Humongous Sadness” deserves its name, doesn’t it? I don’t even know if it’s a guy or a girl. All I know is that it is very big and very sad, and it says things like, “I think my cat is making fun of me behind my back.” I want to love The ‘Sadness and be its friend, but its general demeanor really brings me down, and I don’t need that kind of downer in my life, know what I mean?


Linkin Park to play Isle Of MTV Malta?

According to the website Times of Malta, Linkin Park is rumored to play at this years Isle Of MTV concert on June 30 in Malta.

Linkin Park, The Kooks, Scissor Sisters and Kelis are in the line-up of the June 30 Isle of MTV concert.[...]

Sources told The Times there were still some issues to be ironed out with the US-based artistes, however, MTV's Canadian website is already advertising Linkin Park and The Kooks' performances for its World Stage programme.[...]

Please note that this is yet to be confirmed by LP management.



(The article has been removed after being up several hours)

Here is the image to the article

Thanks to LP Live


3. Mai 2010

Welcome to our new Staff Member lpfreak4life!

lpfreak4life joined the R&C Fansite Team.
She made the R&C Fansite Header and she also helped us out with Information
Welcome to our Team and thanks again.=)


lpfreak4life's opinion about 8-Bit Rebellion.

8 Bit Rebellion Review by lpfreak4life

I think everyone knows the new Linkin Park Game 8 Bit Rebellion! for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Today I want to tell you something about the game and what my opinion about this game is.
With roundabout 144 MB it’s a very big download so it takes a little bit time for you to download it. It costs 3,99 € here in Germany and I think it’s a very good investment for all Linkin Park fans.
First of all you can choose in which district you want to live with your avatar. There are six different disricts where the guys of Linkin Park live. Than you have to go to the Casino Row, the district of Chester, to talk to him to get information about the evil Pixxel Corp. which wants to destroy the 8 Bit World. Chaz tell you, what you have to do. You have your first mission.
The whole game based on different missions, something easy, something difficult and at the end if you have done all of your missions you got the secret song Blackbirds. I think all of you know this song right now, but there’s a video especially for this game!

In the end I think it’s a pretty cool game, but it was too easy for me. I played the whole game in ca.half an hour and that’s sad because I thought that you can play more missions or minigames in the game but sadly there’s nothing like that.
The coolest thing in this game is, that you can chat with everyone who plays the game at the same time as you and you can buy some poster or stuff for your room to decorate it.
But the coolest thing is … Blackbirds. Yeah, I know it’s different than other songs of Linkin Park but I think it’s pretty awesome and I like the new sound.
For everyone who wants to add me there, my username is Lpfreak4life .
I hope that I could bring you the game a little bit closer and you’ll probably download it =)
Cheers, lpfreak4life

thanks to lpfreak4life ...:)

What do you guys think about 8-Bit Rebellion?