31. Januar 2010

New Picture

Ryan posted a new Picture of chester with the following description:

I'm supposed to be doing press w CB - but instead I just stand there taking pictures of him having to do the work.. Ha ha..

.. The big picture of me behind him should b enough..!


28. Januar 2010

Mike To Guest On Loveline Tomorrow

From LPAsossiation :

Mike Shinoda will once again be joing Dr. Drew Pinsky and co. on KROQ Radio's Loveline tomorrow evening. Mike will be on air from 10PM PCT and it is widely expected that he will be discussing matters such as the Download To Donate for Haiti program and the new album as well as the usual Loveline phone-in topics. Also, according to lpunderground, Brad Delson will be appearing along side Mike on the show too.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow (01.28.10) to 106.7FM!
Source: Loveline



From MikeShinoda.com

A quick “8 BIT REBELLION” update. Our new game, available for the iPhone and iPod touch, will be out soon. We’ve pushed the release back a few weeks because we’re testing the game. In fact, I’m playing the game right now, making sure everything looks good. So far, there are still some minor changes to make…and I’m taking notes. We don’t want to release it until all we’ve addressed as many issues as we can!

Also, many of you have asked about the game being available for other platforms, since you don’t all have iPods (although Steve Jobs is hoping you will reconsider, ha). We’re hoping to get it out for other mobile platforms after it debuts with Apple. No word on that yet; it may take a while. For now, it will only be available on iPod and iPod touch.

Lastly, let there be no confusion: the song we released for DOWNLOAD TO DONATE is not the same song as the one on the game. The song on the game is ANOTHER brand new Linkin Park song.

For more info on 8 BIT REBELLION, go here:




22. Januar 2010

New LPTV Episode - Download to Donate

source: Chester-land.net


20. Januar 2010


Today Bourdies celebrate his 31th Birthday.We wanna say Happy Birthday to him and we wish him one more year full of talent and many many more to come.Keep rocking Bourdie.
We also got a few Pictures from Fans too =).
here they are:

From Laura

From Affy

And there is also a Pic from the robandchesterfansite staff made by Nici

The day is not over..so if you have Birthdaypics for Bourdie send them to us. robandchesterfansite@live.de


19. Januar 2010

Download to Donate

From MikeShinoda.com
On January 12, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti. Hundreds of thousands are feared dead, many of whom are children. Millions more are in need of medical attention, shelter, clothes and food just to make it through the days ahead. It will take years to rebuild homes and communities. My Linkin Park bandmates and I are deeply saddened by the situation and–with the help of an amazing list of talented artists all working in partnership with Music for Relief–want to aid the Haitian people.

Music for Relief has brought together an incredible album of artists who have all generously donated original songs to support the Haiti relief effort. Artists include: ALANIS MORISSETTE, THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, HOOBASTANK, KENNA, LINKIN PARK, LUPE FIASCO, PETER GABRIEL AND SLASH.

I was a part of three of the songs. One is a BRAND NEW LINKIN PARK SONG called “Not Alone.” The second is by LUPE FIASCO and KENNA called “Resurrection.” The third is a track that KENNA and I did a while back but was never released, called “Never Let Me Down.”

Now, we need your help: you can join in support of the immediate relief and long-term recovery process in Haiti by downloading songs at WWW.MUSICFORRELIEF.ORG and making a donation in any amount. And don’t forget to EMBED THE WIDGET on your Facebook or MySpace page, your blog, or your website…wherever you can spread the word. Every little bit helps.


Funds raised through the program will support the United Nation’s rapid disaster response efforts through the UN Foundation, long-term rebuilding of sustainable homes with Habitat for Humanity, and Dave Matthew’s Band’s BAMA Works Haitian Relief effort. 100% of funds received will go directly to the Haiti efforts.


Spread te Word.retweet Mikes Tweets and tell everybody and donate. Go here www.musicforrelief.org/


16. Januar 2010

Bourdies Birthday

In 4 days (20th jan.)our favorite drummer Rob Bourdon celebrate his 31 Birthday.So if you want to share some things like pictures videos greetings etc. for his Birthday send them to us robandchesterfansite@live.de and we post them on our Site.
Thank you for every thing you send to us.


15. Januar 2010

Linkin Park Pictures

Here are some Pictures of Linkin Park building a home. LPU has posted a few Pics of Mike, Brad, Phoenix and Rob you can see more here.Don't forget to donate for the survivors of the Haiti Earthquake on Music For Relief.


14. Januar 2010

New Pictures

Here a five new Pictures from Mike´s Blog.


12. Januar 2010

Chester Interview by The West Australian

I found this Interview on the Dead By Sunrise Fansite.

"Chester Bennington steps out of the studio to take my call, but he's not in there making music for his new solo venture Dead by Sunrise. He's making Linkin Park's fourth record.

When Bennington announced that he'd be exploring music on his own, it seemed that Linkin Park might be dissolving, especially considering the famously drawn-out recording process that accompanied their most recent album, 2007's Minutes to Midnight. But he seems more excited about Linkin Park than ever.

Rumours abound that their next album will be more consistent than Minutes to Midnight, which was knitted together from 50 songs, and will be structured by a loose concept. He says that songwriting rules long held by the band are now disregarded and they are producing some of their most fluid material in their 10th year together.

Dead by Sunrise were a project that hatched during less permissive times. Bennington had written a number of songs that sank when he brought them to Linkin Park but that he didn't want to throw away.

He says that while guitarists Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson liked his material, they didn't think it would fit in with the songs on Minutes to Midnight.

"I played (one of the songs) … and they said, 'That's a great song, but we don't know what we could do with it'," Bennington says. "I knew the song was good, but I also knew the elements of the song the guys felt they could add to were small, and to take those elements and make something new out it would destroy the original body of the song."

Underlining the extent to which songwriting conditions have changed in Linkin Park, he adds: "Where we're at now with how we view ourselves as songwriters, had these songs been written now, there probably wouldn't be a Dead by Sunrise."

This might suggest Dead by Sunrise are merely a less conventional Linkin Park. Not so. Although Bennington believes Linkin Park in their current state would be receptive to some of the material they rejected, that material, as played by Dead by Sunrise, still sounds distinct from Linkin Park.

Part of that difference is due to the influence of his band members, Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh, members of Julien-K and Orgy, respectively. They helped turn Bennington's acoustic demos into fleshed-out dark pop songs drawing from a variety of styles.

Fire, the opening track on their debut album Out of Ashes is a steady arena anthem; first single Crawl Back In is straight-up rock and closing song Morning After contains elements of Bennington's nu-metal origins.

"We've created our own sound with its own identity," Bennington says. "We'll be making more Dead by Sunrise records for sure.

"How fast we'll turn those around I don't know. Linkin Park are always No.1 so I'm forced … not forced, I am at the whim of whatever Linkin Park are doing at the time. But Dead by Sunrise are something I care about and want to do for as long as I can."

Out of Ashes is out now."


11. Januar 2010

Mikes Conversation with Cleverbot

Mike posted this Conversation on his blog..i think its pretty funny.

At the recommendation of one of the viewers here (路人甲) I went to http://cleverbot.com/ and had a talk with the Artificial Intelligence program there. This is how it went:

MS: what kind of music do you like?

Cleverbot: I don't really like music.

MS: Liar!

Cleverbot: No, really.

MS: Do you like Linkin Park?

Cleverbot: Yes.

MS: Do you know who Mike Shinoda is?

Cleverbot: Yes.

MS: I'm Mike Shinoda

Cleverbot: You said your name is Heather.

MS: Very funny. I'm going to post this conversation on my blog.

Cleverbot: Don't do that please!

MS: too late.

Cleverbot: No it's not you're still talking.

MS: OK, why shouldn't I post it?

Cleverbot: Well you just said you werent my friend.

MS: Not true. I never said that.

Cleverbot: Yes you did.

MS: I digress. Since I'm going to post this, do you have anything interesting to say to all the mikeshinoda.com fans?

Cleverbot: You're God?

MS: Yikes. Tell me something interesting.

Cleverbot: What is interesting for you?

MS: Surprises.

Cleverbot: What kind of surprise?

MS: One that I don't have to set up.

Cleverbot: Well thats lame i'm leaving.

MS: You have nowhere to go.

Cleverbot: I have to go to the library.

MS: I'm disappointed. You promised me a surprise.

Cleverbot: Ok here's one... What did the egg say to the boiling water?

MS: YES! What?

Cleverbot: I don't know, you are the clever one!



7. Januar 2010

LPU in Germany?

According to linkinpark.de will be come a LPU package in Febuary in Germany.
It includes the LPU9 CD + a free one-year membership in the Underground.
Whether it will be the same package as in America, is not yet known.
For more information check out: linkinpark.de

source: lp.de


Linkin Park Game coming soon!

Mike posted something new about the Linkin Park I-phone/i-pod touch game .

Many years ago, the world existed in 8-bit harmony...until PixxelKorp arrived. Now, underground forces are assembling to undo the evil corporation's mass-brainwashing campaign. You may be our only hope to lead the rebellion to victory!

Read more on Mikeshinoda.com


Brad Delson for Mike Shinoda.com

New in the VIDEOS section. Looks like Brad has relinquished all "instrument duties" in favor of a much more exciting responsibility in our band: ProTools editor.

PS, did you guys see this photo from the Chi Cheng / Deftones benefit show? Just added:



6. Januar 2010

Chester in Twist

Here is an article from the german magazin called Twist.


5. Januar 2010

Let Down Single

According to Amazon.de the Dead By Sunrise Single will be released on 12.02.2010.

Single Edition
2 Track Edition

Source: Linkin Park Revolution


Chester Poster

There is a new Poster of Chester in a german magazin called Bravo.
For those who can't buy it..here is a pic of it.
Thanks to Laura for sending us a Picture of it.^^


2. Januar 2010

New Pictures from Mikes Blog

Mike posted some Pictures on his blog.
Here are some of them.
You can look up the other Pictures in our Galerie here or on Mikes Blog here.

Chester and Rob before the Shanghai show, 2007