28. Februar 2010

Vot for Linkin Park on KCA

Don't forget to vote for Linkin Park on the KCA. They are nominated for favorite Music Group. So keep on voting and help Linkin Park to win against Black Eyed Peas, Joans Brothers and Coldplay.
Good Luck =)

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26. Februar 2010

Dead By Sunrise performance has been cancelled !

From Myspace.com:
Dead By Sunrise’s performance on German TV Show SAT1 “Oliver Pocher” (Feb 26th) has been cancelled.


24. Februar 2010

LinkinPark.com Video Contest!

From Linkinpark.com

We have a new contest at LinkinPark.com! Upload your videos letting us know how Linkin Park is a part of your life! We'll be picking videos to feature and we'll be sending out LP prize packs to those who upload videos we choose to feature! BE SURE TO TAG YOUR VIDEO: LPPartOfMyLife

Find more videos like this on LinkinPark.com

We will add some Screencaptures later


18. Februar 2010

VMA Score 2005

In 2005 Mike made accompanying music for the MTV Video Music Awards.
Now he has uploaded 10 songs on his soundcloud-profil.
Number 3 has not been published now but Mike will it upload soon.
You can listen to the songs here

01. Hive (note: 100 Degrees)
02. Teletronic
03. *has not been published*
04. Catharsis
05. Saturday
06. Montreal
07. Selector
08. A.15
09. Hype
10. Madison

*Edit* You can hear the song Catharsis also on the LPU9 promotional Video. Its the first song

Source: lprevolution.net


13. Februar 2010

Not Alone Music Video Screencaps

We added some Screencaps from the Not Alone Video to our Galerie.

Just click on the Pics below.


12. Februar 2010

LPU Chat with Rob / Download to Donate: new songs

Rob will be chatting with the lpumembers on March 3, 2010 at 3pm.

source: lpunderground.com

And there are new songs for Download to Donate For Haiti.

Butterfly (Featuring Allison Allport) by Weezer
Slipstream (Slimmed Down Mix, featuring Jason Lyte) by The Crystal Method
Gold Guns Girls (Mike Shinoda Remix) by Metric
Times Like These (Live from Red Rocks) by Jack Johnson

source: lprevolution.de


11. Februar 2010

Not Alone Music Video

Here is the new music video for "Not Alone".

LINKIN PARK – "Not Alone"

Linkin Park | MySpace Musikvideos


Happy Birthday Mike

Happy Birthday Mike Shinoda. We hope you have a great Day.=)

Thanks to LauraFeatChaz for the Birthday Pic =)


10. Februar 2010

A Message from Dead By Sunrise to Germany

We added some Screencaps to the Galerie.

And we also got another Pic from LittleMexiGwen. thanks =)

source: Chester-Land


8. Februar 2010

Happy Bithday Dave !

Happy 33rd birthday to "Phoenix"! Have a great Day and keep on rocking !\m/


6. Februar 2010

New Picture of Rob and Chester

LittleMexiGwen send us a Picture of Rob and Chester. Its hard too see because of the light but i think its a cool picture.
Thanks to LittleMexiGwen for sending it to us via twitter.=)


5. Februar 2010

LPU 8-Bit Rebellion Hong Kong and Berlin

LPUs Twitter posted this:

"LPU members in Hong Kong and Berlin! We're working on bringing an 8-Bit Rebellion LPU testing event to YOU! Info coming soon!"



Response to Comment: LP album in 2010

Comment by Matthew (w/ many similar comments) – “theres a news article in mtv saying you guys pushed the release date back to the end of the year! i dont expect an album release for early 2011.. thats another four years. Thats a real bummer because you guys said you would try to release albums more faster”
Dear Matthew and others,
I appreciate your concern. I have two comments, to help give you some insight into our process. First, we don’t know when the album is coming out; we are recording constantly and doing everything we can to make a great record (ready for release in 2010). We have some new, special ideas for this release, and those ideas have delayed it slightly–but not into 2011.

Secondly, I said we’d “release music more often,” not “albums”…between the DBS record, “New Divide,” “Not Alone,” the tracks I’ve done with other artists (Metric, Lupe, Kenna, Cypress Hill, Apathy, etc.), the iPhone game and song, and any other unforeseen things that might happen before the album release, I think we’ve proven that statement to be very true.

Source: MikeShinoda.com


3. Februar 2010

New Video

My Frien Laura found a Video of the Dead By Sunrise press conference in Taiwan.
Watch it here.


1. Februar 2010

Linkin Park at 52nd Grammys

And we also found another Video on MikeShinodaClan.For Grammy Pictures go here or here!


New Video: Chester’s Grammy Win

Here is a new video with chester from mikeshinoda.com