30. Dezember 2009

Huge Galerie Update

We uploaded a lot of new Chester and Linkin Park Magazins Scans!

For more Scans ..just check out our Galerie here.


28. Dezember 2009

R&C is certified Bradorable

This Site is Certified Bradorable.
If you want a Bradorable site just click on the Button and check it out.



24. Dezember 2009

Merry X-Mas |New Layout

Merry X-Mas to all of our Visitors.
We wanna thank you guys for reading our News watching our Videos and for writing nice comments in our shoutbox .=)

The new Layout and our first Galerie is our X-Mas present to all of you.
Hope you like it and if you have some Pics we can share just send them to us:robandchesterfansite@live.de


22. Dezember 2009

Drum lessons with Chester and Elias

My Friend found a Video of Chester playing the Drums.
You can watch more Here.

Drum lesson with Chester and Elias part one

Drum lesson with chester and Elias part two


18. Dezember 2009

DBS Tour in Germany and London

DBS is about to tour in Germany and London. Here are the Dates
19.02.10 London (HMV Forum)
Tickets will be on sale starting tomorrow here !

24.02.10 München (TonHalle)
25.02.10 Köln (E-Werk)
27.02.10 Berlin (Huxleys Neue Welt)
28.02.10 Hamburg (Docks)
You can buy your Tickets on this saturday or sunday here.

Sounds cool so far anyone going?? =)


17. Dezember 2009

Your Chance to meet Chester !

We’re giving you a chance to meet Chester Bennington, and all you have to do is update your MySpace page. Simply copy and past the code below for the “Let Down” video and put it somewhere on your MySpace page. After you do it, send us a message on MySpace and at the end of the week, we’ll go through all of the messages and randomly choose someone to meet Chester at a future Dead By Sunrise or Linkin Park show!

Please note, this is not an official contest and we will choose someone for the meet and greet at random. The chosen person must contact us when Linkin Park or Dead By Sunrise are playing a show near them that they are attending, and will be responsible for purchasing their own ticket to the show and providing their own transportation to and from the show. We will select someone on Tuesday December 22nd, and notify them by replying to their MySpace message directly from the Dead by Sunrise MySpace account

Source:DBS Myspace


15. Dezember 2009

Chester and Tyler Pictures

Talinda posted 2 Pictures of Chester and Tyler on Twitter with this description:

A pic of Chester and Tyler from their photoshoot yesterday

Another amazing pic.....the book will be out around father's day!


14. Dezember 2009

Dead By Sunrise KROQ Almost Acoustic X-Mas

Here are the videos from the KROQ Almost Acoustic X-Mas performens.

The Setlist:
01. Crawl Back In
02. Condemned
03. Fire
04. Let Down
05. Inside Of Me
06. My Suffering
07. 20 Eyes (Misfits cover)

source: dbsgermany


13. Dezember 2009

Chester-Land Birthday Project

I think this is an awesome Project for Chesters Birthday.
So everyone who read this Spread The Word.

Our Birthday Projekt is back. All the information on how to participate is on the main site at CHESTER-BIRTHDAY.CO.NR please, check it out and spread the word. I made a couple of banners you could use to let other people know about it. It’s very important that you help me spread the word, since we need lots of poeple sending their present to make this present BIGGER than last year. I really appreciate your help, and I’m quite sure it’s going to rock.


12. Dezember 2009

Linkin Park iPod/iPod Touch Game "8-Bit Rebellion"

Here are some Facts about the new IPod/Ipod Touch Game.
The game will be named "8-Bit Rebellion".
You can hear a Brand New LP Song if you complete The Game.
And Mike said that on the LPU Chat .

The game takes place in a world that used to be all "low resolution." 8-bit and lower. Then an evil corporation arrived, and they've brainwashed everyone to buy higher resolution. They are called PixxelKorp. A small rebellion has begun, to fight against PixxelKorp. You [the player] may be our only hope to combat the evil!

As you get through the game, It's laid out like an RPG style game, but it's got a strong social community aspect. You can talk to all your friends playing, and play together. You solve various missions to fight PixxelKorp. If you finish the whole 1st mission, you get something AWESOME. The iPhone game is going to be coming out in January, we believe. The secret at the end of the game is...another new song.

And there is also a new Domain http://www.linkinpark8bitrebellion.com/ parked on Machine Shop Recording.

Source : LPU Mike Chat, LPA


7. Dezember 2009

Today is a special day

Today, exactly 17 years ago was a Girl in Germany born.
But it was not some Girl...no, it was Sandra :)
Without her...you would probably see here only a error message.
And of course she is a wonderful person too :)
So i think she has this honor today deserves.

So i say.....

enjoy your day :)


3. Dezember 2009

The GRAMMY Nominations Concert

Here are some pictures from the grammy nominations Concert yesterday. You can find more pictures at: Chester-land.
Source: Chester-land


2. Dezember 2009

New Interview

Chester-Land has post a Interview where Chester talks about DBS.
Here can you watch it:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Thanks to Chester-Land


Rob Picture

JoeyDC. send us this awesome Picture of Rob from Epicenter on 22. August at Pomona, California.
Thanks to JoeyDC for sending it to us =)