12. August 2010

1LIVE ATS Pre-Listening & Press Conference

From LPA

On 17th August Mike & Dave will be at the 1LIVE Studio in Cologne, Germany to preview the new Linkin Park album "A Thousand Suns", as well as later attend a press conference in which the attendees can ask them questions. It appears 1LIVE will be broadcasting the conference on their website. Check out the article below, and read the original article here.

"Linkin Park will visit 1Live August 17th. For the first time ever, twenty 1Live listeners will get the chance to hear the new album. Also there will be an exclusive press conference at 1Live in Cologne. You can be part of it - either live at 1Live or via video stream on 1live.de.

Linkin Park mastermind Mike Shinoda and bassist David “Phoenix” Farrell are visiting the 1Live studio and 20 fans are getting the exclusive possibility to hear the new album “A Thousand Suns” (release: September 10th). You can’t buy any tickets for this event. You can only win them on 1Live.

Ask your questions at the fan press conference!
Linkin Park are also doing an exclusive press conference at 5 pm. You can be part of that, too; via live video stream on 1live.de or directly at the station. No matter what’s on your mind – ask Linkin Park your question!