11. November 2010

LPUX Tracklist

Here is the tracklist from the LPUX-CD.

01. Unfortunate (2002 Demo)
02. What We Don't Know (2007 Demo)
03. Oh No (Points of Authority Demo)
04. Have I Not Begun (2009 Demo)
05. Pale (2006 Demo)
06. Pretend To Be (2008 Demo)
07. Divided (2005 Demo)
08. What I've Done (Mike Shinoda Remix)
09. Coal (1997 Demo)
10. Halo (2002 Demo)

If you´re a member of the LPU, you can buy the cd in the LPU Merchandise Store. But until now there is no date for the cd. So we have to wait...

source: Linkin Park Revolution