3. August 2010

Mike's LP Community Tour

From LPLive.net
Mike just did chats on the LPU, LP.com, and Ustream. Highlights are as follows.

  • Chester is doing a very different kind of screaming that is very exciting. Mike referred to it as "weird" and "losing his mind kind of screaming."
  • There will be heavy tracks on the album.
  • There will be gang vocals from the entire band on a couple songs.
  • Mike and Chester do back and forth vocals on almost every song.
  • Mike will be rapping.
  • The music video for The Catalyst is not yet finished.
  • The standard CD, Special Edition & Deluxe Box Set will have their own art books and cases.
  • Both new and old songs will be played on tour.
  • "That effect on the voices in The Catalyst is a layer of a flanger, a modulation effect, and some other stuff."
  • "We had fun with effects on this record...lots of "ear candy"...on many instruments."
  • "It's not really a concept record. It's kind of a concept record, but only in the sense that the concept is more about the execution of it. It is not a rock opera. You guys may feel like it's got a common thread that kinda goes through from song to song and all the way down the album and that is definitely intentional. There's multiple layers and meaning."
  • Neal Avron has mixed the record. He mixed Minutes to Midnight as well.
  • LP will not be on the soundtracks to Saw 7 or Transformers 3.
  • Mike and Joe both contributed to the artwork. Mike praised Joe's work.
"There will be gang vocals from the entire band on a couple songs. " That sounds pretty cool.
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