30. September 2009

DBS Show in Hamburg,Germany

I found this on the LPU:

We will be hooking up 25 LPU members with 2 tickets to the Dead By Sunrise show at Grünspan in Hamburg, Germany on October 7th! The first 25 people to RSVP to the event by going HERE and clicking on "GOING" will receive a pair of tickets to the show! Please note, tickets to the show are NOT available for purchase.

Good Luck everybody! :)


New contract between Warner and Youtube

Warner has a new contract with Youtube for several years. You can upload videos and songs from bands who have a contrac with warner now. So everybody can upload Linkin Park videos again=).So have Fun to watch and upload some LP stuff .

Remember: Dead By Sunrise will play an exclusive Concert in Hamburg. you can't buy the cards..only win them here.



"Fire" To Appear on CBS's Three Rivers

On DBS Facebook side you can see that their song "Fire" will be used in an upcoming episode of CBS's show 'Three Rivers'. You can see the show this Sunday October 4th, and 9pm/8pm central time.



26. September 2009

Concert Downloads

You can now download the Songs from the Linkin Park Concert at Linkinpark.com
These Concert are avalible now.

Athens GR July 21 2009
Graz AT July 23 2009
Zurich CH July 28 2009
Stuttgart DE July 30 2009
Graefenhainichen DE August 02 2009
Chiba City JP August 08 2009



Don't forget to vote for LP at the emas. The 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards airs Thursday, November 5th at 9 PM on MTV.

LP is nominated for

Best World Stage Performance:
Kid Rock
Kings of Leon
Lady Gaga
Linkin Park

Best Rock:
Foo Fighters
Green Day
Kings of Leon
Linkin Park

Help LP to win both awards. Vote here


2 more Rob Pics

I found 2 more Rob Pictures yesterday.Hope you guys like the pics =)


24. September 2009

Robblez Pic

I was just surfing in the Internet and found this cute Pictures of Rob =D


Track "Too Late"

you can view at the DBS myspace site a video of Chester tracking the vocals on an upcoming track from Out of Ashes .The song named Too Late.
enjoy ...



2 new DBS Tour Dates

Dead By Sunrise will be playing The Gramercy Theatre in New York, NY on October 14th, 2009. You can buy your Tickets at Livenation tomorrow morning at 10 AM EDT.

The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, CA on October 19th, 2009. You can buy your Tickets at Ticketmaster tomorrow morning at 10 AM PDT.



TV show

Dead By Sunrise will be play at the pro7 show TV Total Stock Car Crash Challenge at the 10 October. Pro7 confirmed nothing yet.

Remember: tomorrw is the release of Crawl back in.

UPDATE: Pro7 confirmed that DBS will play at the TV Show.



23. September 2009

Dead By Sunrise, They're A Gas

Lol look at this new LPUTV Episode..its about DBS and Chester is farting on Brandon xDD



Dead By Sunrise on Rockline

Dead By Sunrise will be guests on the nationally syndicated radio show Rockline on Monday, September 28th at 8:30pm PT / 11:30pm ET. Fans can ask questions to DBS just call 1-800-344-ROCK (7625).

For more Information click



22. September 2009

Dead by Sunrise at gotv

We still wrote about it..that Chesterhad an Interview and show some Vids he likes at GoTv..but now Julien-K germany found some Videos at youtube.
Enjoy ^^

source. Julien-K Germany


21. September 2009

"Inside of me "

Inside of me is the next song you can hear at DBS myspace site.
They wanna upload it tonight.So have a look at the site =)

Update:The song is online !

Source: LPR


Linkin Park 2 EMA nominees

Linkin Park are nominated for two MTV Europe Music Awards for "Best Rock" and "Best World Stage Performance".

Best World Stage Performance:
Kid Rock
Kings of Leon
Lady Gaga
Linkin Park

Best Rock:
Foo Fighters
Green Day
Kings of Leon
Linkin Park

Help Linkin Park take home both awards. Vote here MTV

The 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards airs Thursday, November 5th at 9 PM on MTV.

Source: LPassociation


20. September 2009

Review on "Crawl Back in"

My friend of Sunriseonfire told me about this review.This Review was shwon at a German Newspaper.
Thank you Apparently Alive.=)

[...] And as we are talking about “phat bass lines” and “rich production”: Yesterday, while sitting in the car and driving, I was listening to the radio that was playing “Crawl Back In” by Dead By Sunrise, the solo-project of Linkin Park's singer. The usual angry and tattooed disenfranchised rock. Analog-cheese-music. Bluff-package-punk-rock. Not any important. But how I had to keep myself focused on the traffic and not to burst out in laughter when I heard the noticeable vocational misunderstood singer singing the following line: “I don't want to lose my innocence.” Right after that, he sang: “Won't let your lies take a piece of my soul.” Marvelous! Where did this man get such clever ideas?? Why thinking up brisky metaphors when there's these old phrases from the moldy box of rock lyrics that are still good enough. Helge Schneider's [A/N: Helge Schneider is a German singer and comedian] evergreen “I want to be free” [A/N: Original title is “Ich will frei sein”] came to my mind: “Freedom in boundaries is only dreams made of stone.” Particularly as: Who makes such stupid consesus-punk-rock has already lost their “innocence” years ago when they dyed their hair blonde. Oh, now, I talked to much. Pardon.”

Source: Sunriseonfire


19. September 2009

"DBS not a one time thing "

I found this Text on LPAssociation.

Chester recently spoke with Billboard.com explaining Dead By Sunrise will not be a one time thing.

"We'll make records when we can," Bennington -- who started forming Dead By Sunrise, originally as Snow White Tan, in 2005 -- tells Billboard.com. "I don't think people should expect to see an album every couple of years. I'm definitely not going to tell Linkin Park, 'Hey, can you guys take some time off so I can go work on Dead By Sunrise?' That's not gonna happen. But we definitely see this as something we'll continue to do. This isn't a one-time thing for us. Every five years or so I could imagine there'd be a Dead By Sunrise record."

He states that he is looking forward to playing live shows in support of "Out of Ashes", due out October 13th.

"We really are looking forward to going and playing small venues for a few hundred people," he says, "and really having the people who want to hear us play getting sweaty with us and having speakers right in their faces and blasting them pretty loud."

Chester also comments on Linkin Park, saying that the band would like to have their new album out by mid-2010 but "won't put anything out until we can pull a batch of super-stellar songs together."

To read mor visit billboard.com.

Source: LPAssociaton billboard.com


17. September 2009

Rob and Chester fansite forum

Check out our Rob and Chester fansite forum!

Here is the link

It´s a great place to meet other Linkin Park fans from all Countries and talk about the band, the bandmembers,soloprojekts and everything other about the guys.


Dead by Sunrise show in Las Vegas

According to Sunriseonfire Dead By Sunrise have a show in Las Vegas.
Check this out!

Dead By Sunrise Show In Las Vegas!

Dead By Sunrise will be playing at Wasted Space inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV on October 1st! Tickets for the show will go on sale this Saturday at 12pm! This is the bands first full electric performance in Vegas and it's a small venue, so tickets will go FAST! More ticket info coming soon.

We're also hooking up one of you with a pair of tickets to the show as well as passes to meet the band! All you have to do is email dbsgiveaways@gmail.com with the following information:

Subject: MYSPACE Ticket Giveaway!

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Email Address:

Thanks to sunriseonfire for the information =).


Nice words from Ryan Shuck

I Found this awesome Words from Ryan about Chester and Amir on SunriseonFire.

If you click on the images..you can read it.



16. September 2009

New Picture of Chester

I found this Picture on Mikes Blog. Chester without his left Arm lol.

Source: Mikeshinoda.com


15. September 2009

“My Suffering" Download

Check out the Song "My Suffering" from the upcoming Dead By Sunrise album.

Here is the link


New LPTV Episode: Chester Plays "Let Down"

Check out the new episode of LPTV here.
Chester gives some background on the Dead By Sunrise song "Let Down".


13. September 2009

To our friend Britta<333

This Post is for a wonderful Person.
Nici an i wanna say:

This Site would suck without your help.You worked sooo much for our Layout and wow this Layout kicks ass :D.The Pictures..the Colors..this is Fucking Awesome =D This Post is nothing big or something.. but its full of Love for you =D THANK YOU =D We Love you ^-^<333


Sunrise on Fire New Project:Your DBS Story

This is the Project of Sunrise on Fire. I think its a good idea and it would be great if YOU help them.For more Information read the following text.The Text is from Sunrise On Fire.

This is our first official Sunrise On Fire project! And it was my idea, so in case it won't work, it's all my fault.

Information:My fiancée and I talk a lot about the upcoming album and the reason why we're looking forward to it. For the two of us, it's a very special album because we relate so much to it - even before we've heard the whole album. Because of the many interviews in which Chester talked about the reasons for him to make this album, the situations, the feelings, the people, etc. that/who made him writing the lyrics, there's a base to which many people can relate to, since the things that have happened to him aren't very rare. So, for me, much like for him, the release of Out Of Ashes is something very special, there are many reasons, personal reasons, why.

What's your part?
Because of the above said, we want you to tell us why you're looking forward to the release of Out Of Ashes. It doesn't have to be a personal reason, it could only be because of the music. That doesn't matter. Tell us about your reason why you're supporting DBS, what you like most about their music/the band and -of course, this is the most important part- what makes you eagerly awaiting the release of their album.

How can I participate?It's simple; you only have to send us an email. No comments, no shouts in the box. If you have our private email addresses, you can email your story to that address, for all others, this is our email address: sunrise-on-fire@hotmail.com

Let's say, your story has to be 10 words long, at least. No "Because I love Chester so much!!", well, you can add that to your story but please write more than that. Are there any things left to say? Oh, please spread the word! We want as many people as possible participating! This is not only for our own fan pleasure, maybe we're going to show this to someone in DBS. We'll see what'll come out.

Any questions? Send an email, comment on this or make a shout in the shoutbox! ;)


New Tattoo for Chester

I found this Picture on linkinlady.net.

Talinda postet that at twitpic.

"A new tat! The next one is my portrait down his side:)"



Hey just searched for some Pictures and found this one.

I think this Picture looks pretty cool..right??


11. September 2009

R&C v2.0

As you all can see - R&C has a new layout! *cheers, hands sweets and drinks to everyone*
I hope you all like it. :) It's not done yet, there are some details here and there that I still have to work on but it's coming along quite well.

That's all I wanted to say.

Oh, and in case you're wondering now, yes, I actually belong to Sunrise On Fire. But I'm only the dude who does all the layouts. :D And I help the girls a little bit. ;)



New Fanart

Here we have some Fanart from TheLPFreak.Abig thanks to her.

It looks really good an i think it was a lot of hard work =)


Dead By Sunrise @ gotv

Dead By Sunrise will present 10 choosen Videos on "hosted by" gotv at the 20.9.09.
They'll show Vids of Korn,Nirvana.The Cure etc.

For more Infotmation click here: Information



Interview with Chester on "DASDING.tv"

Here you can watch the Interview.

The Interview was filmed before the Concert at Stuttgart.

The Interview:

Source: LPR


10. September 2009

Chester and Ryan at Live 105.3

Chester and Ryan were on Live 105.3

The First part is here.

Watch live video from LIVE 105.3 KITS SAN FRANCISCO on Justin.tv

the second here.

Watch live video from LIVE 105.3 KITS SAN FRANCISCO on Justin.tv

And the third here.

Watch live video from LIVE 105.3 KITS SAN FRANCISCO on Justin.tv

Source: Justin.tv


"Out Of Ashes" Song lenght

Here we have the song lenght of "Out Of Ashes"

01. Fire ( 3:50 )
02. Crawl Back In ( 3:02 )
03. Too Late ( 2:59 )
04. Inside Of Me ( 2:18 )
05. Let Down ( 3:58 )
06. Give Me Your Name ( 4:56 )
07. My Suffering ( 2:39 )
08. Condemned ( 2:32 )
09. Into You ( 3:23 )
10. End Of The World ( 3:56 )
11. Walking In Circles ( 4:43 )
12. In The Darkness ( 5:27 )
13. Morning After (Bonus Track) ( 3:29 )

Realse Date of "Crawl Back In" 25.9.09

Source: LP Revolution


9. September 2009

"Crawl Back In"

I found this Pictures of the Crawl Back in Single on Sunrise on Fire thanks.


8. September 2009

Crawl Back In Video

Check it out. The first Musicvideo from Dead By Sunrise "Crawl Back In".

Dead By Sunrise - Crawl Back In


6. September 2009

Tracklist for Crawl Back In

Title: Crawl Back In
Supplier: Warner Music
Label: WB
Format: Maxi Single
CD Release: 25.09.2009
1. Crawl Back In (Album Version)
2. Crawl Back In (Live Version)
3. My Suffering (Live Version)

Source: Warner Music Switzerland


Dead By Sunrise Pictures

Dead By Sunrise have now pictures from the Musicvideo "Crawl back in" on Myspace
Check it Out.


New Rob Fanart !!

Thanks to Fabienne for this cool Picture of Rob..=)

If you want to share your Fanart to us.Just send me a mail to:kampffusel77@hotmail.de


5. September 2009

Be The First to Hear "Out Of Ashes"

You can only to this ..if youre a Member of LPST or LPU

With the debut album Out of Ashes from Dead By Sunrise (featuring Chester Bennington) still 6 weeks away from release, we want to offer fans the chance to be the first to hear it and publish their reviews. After all, it is your reactions that we can all trust the most. A few lucky fans from certain countries around the world will be selected to get to hear the new album before anyone else does, and then tell the world!

For more Information just check you e-mails !

Good Luck to everybody =)

Source LPST&LPU Newsletter


4. September 2009

Interview with Chaz and Ryan at 98 KUPD

The Dead By Sunrise Fansite "Sunrise on Fire" have found this nice Interview with Chester and Ryan.

Source: Sunrise on fire


1. September 2009


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