22. Oktober 2010

Making of "Waiting For The End"


17. Oktober 2010

Mike Shinoda's Home Studio Tour

From LPLive.net

Emusician recently released two very interesting videos that show Mike explaning his home studio. In the first video, he shows us all the different rooms and instruments while we are able to take a deeper look at ProTools and some samples they created for "A Thousand Suns" in the second video.


16. Oktober 2010

Original German Music Prize and Minutes To Midnight Platin Music Award from Linkin Park on Ebay!

I have found the German Music Prize (called Echo) from Linkin Park on Ebay.
Thats allegedly the original Music Prize, but we don´t know if its true.
Linkin Park got this prize in 2008 for the best international band in rock/pop.
For more information visit this page on ebay.

I have to add something now: They have the orignal platin Music Award from Minutes To Midnight too.


15. Oktober 2010

Linkin Park -- A Day in the Life

From noisecreep.com:

It's been a long few days for Linkin Park vocalists Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda. The band flew from Los Angeles to New York to do a frantic round of print, radio, Internet and TV promotion, play an intimate club show for Best Buy and attend the meet and greet after show party. Now they're getting ready to fly back home, where Shinoda will attend a friend's birthday party and Bennington will spend some time with his wife and kids before Linkin Park start rehearsing for their upcoming tour, which begins on Oct. 20 in Berlin, Germany.

Having just wrapped up a series of interviews at Sirius XM satellite radio, Bennington and Shinoda are seated in the backs of two black sedans for a 20-minute trip back to their hotel. For the ride, Noisecreep had the privilege of sitting behind Shinoda, digital recorder in hand, and firing off a final salvo of questions about the Linkin Park's new album, 'A Thousand Suns.'

Often these rides are uneventful and dull, but Shinoda was determined to make sure our readers understand every angle of 'A Thousand Suns,' so he diligently answers every question we throw his way. There's only one problem. A full day of press left him kind of hyper, and when you throw in the turbobrew coffee he had at the radio station, he's vibrating out of his skin.

"I haven't had a Starbucks in a few months, so I'm kind of scrambled," he apologized, gripping the handle of the car door and strapping in for the ride. Even though we already conducted our preliminary interview with Shinoda, he was glad we had more specific questions about 'A Thousand Suns' as opposed to fluffy, personality-based queries.

"Sometimes you get people who are really into surfacey stuff that doesn't really mean anything," he said. "The interviewee could be interchangeable. You could pose the same questions to anybody and they'd be exactly as interesting. So I prefer to talk about music and what we actually do and what I'm passionate about as opposed to fashion."

Linkin Park began writing 'A Thousand Suns' two years ago when they were on the road for 'Minutes to Midnight.' They continued working on the album as soon as they were done touring. They recorded demos in Berlin, Germany, Prague, Czech Republic and New York and then analyzed the songs with producer Rick Rubin. Some of the songs underwent major revisions between the initial demos and the final recordings, others remained nearly intact.

"'The Catalyst' didn't change a lot," Shinoda said. "The first demo was a little heavier as far as guitars, and we didn't like it. We liked the song, but as soon as we took those out and added that echoey organ keyboard sound, then it was like, 'What's this?' There's always at least one moment for each of the songs where it goes from, 'OK, that's cool' to that moment where everyone's really sucked into it."

Watch clip here.



14. Oktober 2010

VFX of Wainting For The End & The Catalyst

From LPLive.net

Ghost Town Media have created VFX for some amazing music videos and on-stage projection graphics for Linkin Park. In this blog post we'll have a look at some of this work and see how Trapcode software was used.

Ghost Town Media VFX team: Brandon Parvini, Jeff Lichtfuss and David Torno. Freelancers: Gabriel Perez and Tae Lee

To fully see this awesome work, please watch the vids in HD and fullscreen.


You can find the whole article here.

Source: Trapcode


No Projekt Revolution 2011?

From LPA

Chester and Brad recently sat down with Artisan News in which Chester talked about the possibility of not having a 2011 Projekt Revolution Tour to promote A Thousand Suns.

Check out the little excerpt below:


12. Oktober 2010

2 Shows added in Australia

From LPLive.net

Linkin Park has added two more shows to the Australian leg of the World Tour. Tickets for both shows go on sale on Thursday, October 21.

December 12: Melbourne, Australia - Rod Laver Arena
December 15: Sydney, Australia - Acer Arena

Source: LP.com

The Show Roll Call topics can be found here:

The Sydney show will be the first time LP has played the same venue twice on their own tour but not back-to-back shows. I believe Ozzfest 2001 was the last time this happened, where LP played in Camden twice and I think a few other cities (Mansfield?).


8. Oktober 2010

Waiting For The End Video Premieres

From LPA

MTV has posted the video for Waiting For The End along with a brief summary/description on their Buzzworthy blog.

"Linkin Park's brand-new "Waiting For The End" video, directed by Joe Hahn, taps into that rare sub-genre of music videos -- the music video that eschews fancy cars, fancy locations, and fancy endorsement deals and instead embraces the art form as a moving montage of melodic emotion."

Check out the video by clicking here.


7. Oktober 2010

"Waiting For The End" video shoot.

From LP Facebook.

And don't forget. The Video Premier is this Friday.


5. Oktober 2010

A lil message from Chester for my 9,000 twitter friends!




From linkinpark.com

One of the major benefits of being an Annual LPU member is the chance to attend exclusive LPU Meet & Greets with Linkin Park at concerts. If you’re not an LPU member, join today to get details on how to RSVP for your chance to secure a spot at one of the upcoming shows. We are now confirming Meet & Greets for the following tour dates:

7-Oct: Buenos Aires, Argentina
9-Oct: Santiago, Chile
11-Oct: São Paulo, Brazil
20-Oct: Berlin, Germany
22-Oct: Stuttgart, Germany
23-Oct: Linz, Austria
25-Oct: Paris, France
26-Oct: Dortmund, Germany
27-Oct: Koln, Germany
29-Oct: Hamburg, Germany
30-Oct: Herning, Denmark
1-Nov: Zürich, Switzerland
2-Nov: Frankfurt, Germany
4-Nov: Manchester, United Kingdom
5-Nov: Newcastle, United Kingdom
9-Nov: Birmingham, United Kingdom
10-Nov: London, United Kingdom
11-Nov: London, United Kingdom
13-Nov: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
15-Nov: Tel Aviv, Israel
3-Dec: Brisbane, Australia
7-Dec: Perth, Australia
9-Dec: Adelaide, Australia
11-Dec: Sydney, Australia
13-Dec: Melbourne, Australia


30 seconds of Waiting For The End

From linkinpark.com


3. Oktober 2010


Here you can watch the new LPTV Episode:


2. Oktober 2010

Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Teases 'Saw 3D' Role

From MTV.com

Those familiar with the "Saw" film franchise are fully aware that a large part of the popular series' appeal — in addition to its always-disturbing, gory action or trap sequences — is the veil of mystery that surrounds each film's individual plot. The films are not screened for critics, and it's difficult to get definitive details from any of the actors or filmmakers before the film opens.

Such is the case with the upcoming "Saw 3-D." So far, all we have to go on is , a cool-but-creepy and a painful-looking photo of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington reaching out from the broken windshield of a car.

When MTV News caught up with singer/actor Bennington recently, we tried to get him to divulge a few details about his mysterious role in the heavily hyped bloodfest.

"I can tell you that my name is Evan," Bennington offered. "Other than that, I can tell you nothing else about the character."

Gee, thanks, Chester. What about the scene you're involved in then?

"The thing that is interesting about this particular scene is that it's a trap set for multiple people," he explained. "Jigsaw, for those who know the films, Jigsaw typically sets up traps for one, maybe two people. There are never more people involved than that."

Until now, it seems.

"This particular trap is set up for multiple people, and it's a very complicated trap that's been set. There are different kinds of emotional things going on for my character, but it's very much in the tradition of a good 'Saw' trap," Bennington promised. "And it's in 3-D, so there's going to be blood spattering at your face, which is something that's going to be pretty bad-ass."

Check out everything we've got on "Saw 3-D."

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit MTVMoviesBlog.com.



From MikeShinoda.com

The other day I got a chance to record a station for IHeartRadio. It’s an online station where we (Chester and I) get to play whatever we want; we host the show ourselves. The best part was that I got really tired of just hearing myself talk, so I started messing around, calling people and bothering them, and even playing some rare Linkin Park tracks (and I think one Fort Minor one). It’s going to go up some time in October. (I asked some of you to send questions and stories via Twitter; thanks for your help making the show interesting.)

In the days between then and now, I’ve been rehearsing with those other five guys to put a show together. We leave for tour in four days. We’re hitting a few places in South America, A bunch of dates in Europe, and a bunch of dates in Australia (What’s up PERTH and ADELAIDE). Ready for a little bit of this:

Oh yeah, the title of this post was “rehearsals, my own radio station, and anteaters. Here you go: