3. Mai 2010

lpfreak4life's opinion about 8-Bit Rebellion.

8 Bit Rebellion Review by lpfreak4life

I think everyone knows the new Linkin Park Game 8 Bit Rebellion! for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Today I want to tell you something about the game and what my opinion about this game is.
With roundabout 144 MB it’s a very big download so it takes a little bit time for you to download it. It costs 3,99 € here in Germany and I think it’s a very good investment for all Linkin Park fans.
First of all you can choose in which district you want to live with your avatar. There are six different disricts where the guys of Linkin Park live. Than you have to go to the Casino Row, the district of Chester, to talk to him to get information about the evil Pixxel Corp. which wants to destroy the 8 Bit World. Chaz tell you, what you have to do. You have your first mission.
The whole game based on different missions, something easy, something difficult and at the end if you have done all of your missions you got the secret song Blackbirds. I think all of you know this song right now, but there’s a video especially for this game!

In the end I think it’s a pretty cool game, but it was too easy for me. I played the whole game in ca.half an hour and that’s sad because I thought that you can play more missions or minigames in the game but sadly there’s nothing like that.
The coolest thing in this game is, that you can chat with everyone who plays the game at the same time as you and you can buy some poster or stuff for your room to decorate it.
But the coolest thing is … Blackbirds. Yeah, I know it’s different than other songs of Linkin Park but I think it’s pretty awesome and I like the new sound.
For everyone who wants to add me there, my username is Lpfreak4life .
I hope that I could bring you the game a little bit closer and you’ll probably download it =)
Cheers, lpfreak4life

thanks to lpfreak4life ...:)

What do you guys think about 8-Bit Rebellion?