19. Mai 2010

SMURF | Formal Apology

From suru-la.com:

We at SURU, including artist’s Joseph Hahn and Jeff McMillan would like to extend our sincerest apologies to the rightful owners of the world famous SMURF name, mark and character owners. The unauthorized use of their intellectual property was used without knowledge or consent; in the recent production of the Print entitled “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day.” Furthermore, the infringing Print violated the valuable rights associated with SMURF family of names, marks and characters. The nature of the print was neither expressed nor implied by the owners, and was interpreted by the artists and not the rightful owners. Any and all remaining Prints have been destroyed and will no longer be sold or produced.


SURU | Joseph Hahn | Jeff McMillan

source: Joehahn.org