7. April 2010

Another LPU Chat with Mike

So a surprise LPU chat went on a few hours ago, here’s an outline:

* He’s packing for a snowboard trip
* Last the albums he bought were: 1.) Wu Massacre 2.) Yeasayer Odd Blood 3.) The Beach Boys / Pet Sounds
* He’s not sure about a Projekt Revolution in Australia (someone asked about that)
* He said Ugg boots are still cool in LA, every girl has them and lots of people were saying that he should design Ugg boots with his designs, he was appalled by it, but Lauren (LPUer) said he should design them and call them Thuggs, Mike laughed and tweeted about it!
* He doesn’t watch Lost (at least I think they were talking about the show).
* He doesn’t answer to people on Twitter because it’s “clutter-y” he posts on the LPUMB, chat, blog, and LP.com
* Blackbirds might be available on iTunes later, he’s not sure about performing it for future live shows.

source: mikeshinodaclan.com