29. April 2010

Mike Shinoda on Gratitude

ON GRATITUDE is an accessible, conversational journey deep into the heart of gratitude, a collection of exclusive interviews with 50 of the world’s most compelling, provocative, brilliant public figures.

Here’s the taster quote they’ve posted:

Linkin Park guru Mike Shinoda shares amazing stories of gratitude, and also lives a life of charity. (Check out his powerful work with www.musicforrelief.org).

“My grandfather and grandmother had 13 children, almost all here in the United States. They were both U.S. citizens when World War II began, and had made a good business and good money. But they lived in California. When WWII broke out, the West Coast became an ‘exclusion zone.’ All Japanese — and many other Asians — who lived in California were removed from their homes and sent to internment camps for the duration of the war. When they got out, everything they had was destroyed or taken away. In 1988, my dad got a letter and a check from the U.S. government. The check was pretty substantial for us at the time, but the letter was more important. I read it over a few times with my dad, mom, and brother, and my parents told us how the government made a huge mistake in the ’40s, and what a big deal this apology was. My parents wanted us to know that the internment showed us how the majority sometimes needs to speak up for the minority, especially when the minority can’t speak up for themselves. My dad gave the money to our church, but kept the letter.”

Have YOU ever had a powerful moment like this in YOUR life?
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source: shinoda-excess.com and mikeshinodaclan.com and Joehahn.org