9. März 2010

Download To Donate, iTunes fees

From Mikeshinoda.com

From Comments:
What_smiles_cant_afford: “I can buy download to donate on iTunes for something like ten dollars. So does the money from me buying the album go to MFR or iTunes???”

M: Yep, Download To Donate is available on iTunes. A majority of the of the proceeds on iTunes still go to Haiti. We all would have preferred for 100% to go, but they refused to waive their fee…it was a tough call, but getting the word out to the iTunes fan base won in the end.

Therefore, the simple answer is this: for those of you who donate on http://musicforrelief.org/, 100% of your donation goes to Haiti. For those who donate on iTunes, it’s not 100%. If this isn’t ideal for you, feel free to comment on the iTunes page and let Apple know!!!