6. März 2010

Rob Bourdon Chat Transcript 3.3.10

From LPUnderground.com

Hey LPU, Rob here.
rbourdon: How's it going?
vegmonkey: If you guys were not this successful, where would you be and what would you doing this time?
rbourdon: I would be a beach bum.
rbourdon: In Hawaii. Because if you are going to be a beach bum you might as well be in Hawaii.
tinkerbella25: Hi Rob! What are some of the cohesive elements in your new album? Thank you so much for coming!
rbourdon :We are actually experimenting with a lot of new sounds on the album, and I can't quite put my finger on why, but a lot of instruments that normally wouldn't go together are sounding very cohesive together.
thegluelpfan : Are trying some new techniques for the new album or are you going back to "the roots" of LP music?
rbourdon: thegluelpfan- We're definitely trying a lot of new stuff on the record, but it seems to have more of an identity and continuity than I expected when we first started working on it.
zara19 : Hey Rob whats going on with the Ipod game? Did you enjoy the process of working on a totally different project? Thanks for visiting us, Zara from mikeshinodaclan.com
rbourdon : Re: "8 Bit"- it's in testing right now, should have a release date for you soon.
zackj2245:do u have an estimate when you guys might be finished with the new album?
rbourdon : zach- It's hard to say when we'll be done, but I feel like we're making a lot of process each week, and we plan to have it out by the end of the year, hopefully sooner than that though.
rbourdon : Writing parts for live drums on the new record have been tricky, and I've definitely had to think outside the box to make live drums fit with some of the stuff we're working on. It's been extremely challenging and I'm finally starting to get in a flow.
Your_Conscience : Hey Rob. I met you (and the band) last June when I was seven months pregnant... So when would you like to meet my son? XD Haha. Just kidding. =) My real question is: Have you considered offering another fan the chance to build a house with you through HFH?
rbourdon : your_Concience- I would love to have more of our fans participate with us on the Habitat for Humanity home builds. I think they are a great organization and are doing a lot of good in the world and it's great to see our fans take an interest and participate.
YSN7 : How far is the album done? I mean what are you going through right now?
rbourdon: YSN7- The recording process on the new record is similar to the way we recorded Minutes to Midnight. We are recording a lot of parts that will probably make the record as we write them.
rbourdon: On the first 2 records, 90% of the records were written before we actually went into the studio.
Arti_Bennoda: Hey, Rob! I was curious, was "Not Alone" a spur of the moment song made for MFR, or had it been in the works before the Haiti disaster occurred? Thanks!
rbourdon: "Not Alone" was an unfinished song that we had been working on. After the disaster in Haiti, we finished vocals and lyrics in about 24 hours. Thank you guys for spreading awareness about our Download for Donate, we've raised a lot of money keep up the good work www.musicforrelief.org if you haven't checked it out
4Phil :how was your approach to this record different to previous albums?
rbourdon :4Phil- One of the things that is different about the recording process on the current record, is that we have been writing music with the art and visuals for the album in mind. We actually have a lot of visuals up in the studio that helps us fit the visuals we like, and also helps us change and redefine the visuals that we want to present along with the music.
rbourdon: One of the things that's very cool about this new music is that when listening to it, it creates a visual in your mind and takes you away on a journey.
bojkic : hey rob! thanks for joining us! do you use any new drum sets or unusual techniques for new songs? examples, please hurry up with the new album. any news(even vague) on when we can expect touring cycle to begin?! thanks again!
rbourdon: bojkik- I've been experimenting with a lot of new drum sets, I'm actually going to try a lugwig kit similar to one that John Bonham played on.
rbourdon : This makes it a little more difficult to determine when we'll be finished; we end up with a lot of material and we're at the point where we have to scale our working batch down again and focus on the final songs that will make up the next record.
CricketFairy : Hi! Do you get drummers block? Like nothing sounds good and you feel like you?ve lost it? What do you do for inspiration? <3
rbourdon : Cricket- Yes all of us get writers block sometimes. For me, I find it's best to just walk away for a minute and do something else until I feel inspired or have an idea. One of the best things you can do is really try to capitalize on the times you feel inspired and have good ideas. Sometimes you have to cancel everything you are doing and just go with it. I've had days when I've created more in one day than I have in a whole month.
rbourdon: Last week I tuned my drum kit to sound like tribal drums, and created 6 layers of drum tracks that sounded like 10 people playing drums together.
rbourdon : Don't know if it will make the record, but it was fun making. If it doesn't make the record, I'll make it an LPU exclusive!
Chemist999 : Greetings, Rob. Is there any part of the recording and album making process you could easily live without or do you enjoy it in it's entirety?
rbourdon: The album making process is one that I really enjoy, it's a lot of fun working and being creative with the other guys. I feel that we communicate and work better now as a band then we ever have before.
cincybmxlpfreak : Hey, Rob! Thanks for chatting with us today! My question is, "What is the thing that you DISlike the most about your job?" (There has to be SOMETHING. Lol.) Sending love from Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV! Thanks from one of the many LPUers named Jessica. :P
rbourdon: The only thing that's tough about my job is being away from home for such long stretches of time. Other than that I feel very lucky and fortunate to have the job I do.
Chaps_LP: hi Rob...my question to you is: is there maybe gonna be another way of getting song(s) from 8-BIT game ?? for those of us who don't own iPhone/ iTouch ?? thank you for taking your time to talk with us...say hi to other guys
rbourdon: We'd like try to make the game and song available outside of iphone and itouch if possible, but I'm not sure where that stands as of now.
ConnerzAndMrSlushy: Do you miss playing in small venues?
rbourdon : ConnerzandMrSlushy- Small venues are fun to play in because you get to be a lot closer to the fans, but it's tough going back to playing small rooms because it gets a lot hotter and there's not as much room onstage to move around. Not that I move around, but the other guys like to move around. Sometimes Chester runs into my drumkit
Dark_Reality_Creator: Hi Rob! What record is looking like the most difficult to write so far, HT, meteora, MTM or the new one? It has many new and "classic" LP sounds? thanks and greetings from Spain
rbourdon Dark-reality-creator- Each record was difficult at some point during the writing process in it's own way. As we progressed as songwriters and learned to overcome certain difficulties, new ones continued to arise.
rbourdon: On the current record, some of the challenges are having too much material, and having to choose which to focus on. We usually narrow the songs down by voting on each track with Rick.
danielpsoad09 : Hey Rob. How do you define the new album in terms of sound? Mike and Chester have talked a lot about it, saying that it's a ''mixture between HT and MTM'' or ''heavy without metal''. Could you explain that further? Greetings from Chile!
Rbourdon : danielsoad09- It's really hard to explain what the new album is going to sound like. I feel that trying to describe it in detail wouldn't do it justice.
rbourdon : The music is definitely very inspired, and we are really enjoying the process of making it.
Exia_7: What's your fav. lp song to play and your fav. non-lp song to play?(Tp)
rbourdon: Exia- One of my favorite LP songs to play is Little things Give You Away.
rbourdon: My favorite non-LP song to play is "Fool in the Rain"- Led Zepplin.
Gabo: hey Rob! your live drum solos in Bleed it out are improvisations or you prepare somehow for these performances?
rbourdon: My drum solo on "Bleed it Out" is mostly an improvisation, after the first couple times I played it, I came up with a way to start the solo after the first 15 or 20 seconds I just do what I feel like doing. I've never practiced playing solos before, so when my band mates forced me to do one, it was a little nerve-wracking to say the least!
DarthYak: you're just gonna have to let us listen to it so we can come up with our own descriptions of the sound.
rbourdon: I think I'm caught up on the questions.
iKate: Hi Rob! What's the last played music on your iPod? greetings from Hungary<)
rbourdon: iKate- I was just listening to Radiohead - In Rainbows while I was running.
jrfaint: hi rob, do you find that when you are working on records, that playing covers is a way to relax?
rbourdon : jrfaint- Yes, playing covers is definitely a way to relax and free up my mind. It also helps to learn new things and come up with ideas for the stuff I'm working on.
jlmoss1 : I was at the Kansas City concert in Aug08. It looked like you were filming the concert. Do you film all concerts? What do you do with the footage?
rbourdon : jlmoss1- We have a friend on the road with us who's always filming. So you might have seen him on stage. I'm not aware of a full video shoot in Kansas City, but a lot of that footage is for LP and LPUTV. and we will release some of the good stuff at some point.
Kalliope : Hi Rob! We have notice that you guys are growing hair, what about it? Is it like a band decision?
rbourdon : Kalliope- I grew out my hair because I got tired of styling it.
rbourdon: Actually it started when I was on tour in Asia, and didn't want to risk getting a haircut from someone I didn't know, so I just let it grow.
rbourdon : I'm very particular about who cuts my hair.
krayzieish: Hey Rob! I was at the Mt. View, CA show in ?08 when Brad pranked you by not coming out on stage for a while after your drum solo. Do you remember what went through your head at the time since your solo was going longer than you?d anticipated? (Nice touch w/ the revenge the next nite!)
rbourdon: Krazyz- At first I thought Brad was having a technical difficulty. The second time he didn't come out I started getting suspicious. By the 3rd time I saw him on the side of the stage laughing, and I knew I'd better pace myself because I knew I was going to be doing a very long solo. The next night I retaliated.
rbourdon : I had the whole band walk off stage while he was doing a solo and left him out on stage by himself.
rbourdon: He didn't expect it the next night so it was a successful attack.
LP13413: Heyy Rob. Past albums have seen special editions including a bonus "making of.." DVD. Was there anything ever filmed during the "Hybrid Theory" recording sessions, and has there ever been any thought as to releasing any footage? (Andrew in central NY)
rbourdon: LP13413- I don't think anyone has filmed the Hybrid Theory recording session, but we might have some home video of some of it.
rbourdon: It would be really fun to check that out and if we do have some good stuff maybe we will release it one day.
lakerlink: Hi Rob, how come you guys dont put "not alone" on guitar hero and rock band and the money to download and play it on those games could go to help with music for relief
rbourdon: lakerlink- That's a good idea. You should be in marketing!
LinkinPark215: Hey Rob, Greetings from Australia!! 1st of all, THANKYOU so much for comming here, your performance was amazing! My question: A lot of ppl criticised MTM saying its too "mainstream & not LP" What were the feelings like within the band about the responses??
rbourdon: A lot of times when artists experiment and try new things, it's natural for people to criticize or have a backlash. I think that when the people that didn't like Minutes to Midnight listened and gave it a chance it eventually grew on them.
rbourdon: And once they got past the fact that it was significantly different, they were able to appreciate it for what it was.
MalFUNct10N : Hey Rob! I was wondering if there are any special plans made for the 10-year anniversary of Hybrid Theory. Like, bring back some older songs, or start a new LPU Tour. Good luck on your new album and greetings from Greece!
rbourdon: Malfunction- We've talked about doing something special for the 10 year anniversary of HT but we haven't decided what yet. All of us can't believe that it's been 10 years since we released Hybrid Theory.
Michayzee : Hello Rob, in the studio you guys have a beautiful painting decorator on the wall. It is white.. with red and black dots circles, it was pretty big, though! Who has made that art? Or did you guys made it?
rbourdon: Machayzee- You should ask Mike Shinoda, he would know! Sorry I'm not sure.
OneWay: Hi Rob! I was wondering . . . how many sticks do you usually break per night? Do you have any stories about sticks breaking at an inoportune moment? (Tp) (Carol in Covina, CA)
rbourdon: I rarely break sticks, because I change them out frequently so that they don't break. But once in a while it happens and it's always a little shocking especially if it's an important or difficult part in the song. But I do what I can with one arm.
rbourdon: And hopefully don't mess up too bad!
PinkyLouloulp: There's a rumor going on that you guys won't tour this summer. Is the lack of a new album affecting the touring cycle or you just want to dedicate all your time on the album?
rbourdon: It's hard to plan our touring until we're closer to finishing the record.
rbourdon: We're definitely in a very strong writing flow and we look forward to getting on the road as soon as we're finished.
MalFUNct10N: oh ok thanks!
nico_skinnyman: Hey Rob, thanks for coming. Well, I just wanna know... how do drums sound like on the next record? Will it be more electronic, just like New Divide or will it be like Meteora's or HT's? Greetings from Madrid =)
rbourdon: nico- The drums on the new record are a mix of electronic and live. There's definitely some really cool electronic sounds that are different than what we've done before, and those songs are sounding better without live drums. I might have to add an electronic kit to the live show which would be cool.
Rbourdon; I have time for about 3 more questions guys.
RJ3000: Hey Rob, you mentioned visuals and a "musical journey" on the new album, will there be a DVD short film or something released along with the record?
rbourdon: RJ- We're definitely thinking about making certain visuals available during or after the release of the record. We are talking about making as much available to the fans as possible so that people can really get a feel of what it was like making the record and give everyone a sense of where we are at during the recording process.
RJ3000: cool thanks man
Scott360 : Hey Rob. when creating new drum beats, is it a random improvisation process until you find something you like, or methodical - such as deciding tempo etc first. greetings from England and look forward to next LP tour here!
rbourdon: OK last one- scott360
rbourdon: Lately when creating new drum beats, I've been recording improvisations to the track I'm working on. I will record 15-20 minutes of drum ideas, and try not to think too much about what I'm doing.
rbourdon: After I'm done with this process, I'll come back and listen through and edit out little pieces that sound cool to me.
rbourdon: Then I'll construct those pieces together and use that as a starting point to create the right drum part for that song.
Scott360: thanks rob =)
rbourdon: I gotta run, going to record some drums now.
darknessovrme: thanks for joinin us!
pegasusrocks: Thanks Rob!
DarthYak: thanks for joining us
rbourdon: Thank you guys for chatting, and look forward to seeing all of you soon, and I can't wait for you guys to hear the new record!