19. Juli 2010

A Thousand Suns: Six-tracks-sampler review

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Check this review of ATS made by "Music Mag" which is a French website
They commented six songs, and we now know their lengths!

Friday, July 16 was held at Warner plays a few songs from the new album of Linkin Park, A Thousand Suns, which is set to release on Sepetember 13. Two management representatives of Linkin Park arrive in early afternoon with their luggage in which there was a disk that is half of the album, six titles. The Listening takes place in the office of Alain Veille, the boss of the label WEA. After having signed privacy policies usual, the staff weighed the U.S. first track.

1) Untitled [4'39"]
It starts with a long intro which turns to drums, keyboard and finally vocals in the background. Chester Bennington is the only to give voice to the first verse whose rhythm is almost dancing. A big break that recalls the excellent electro Reanimation (the remix album Hybrid Theory) breaks the rhythm of the song. Mike Shinoda does his apparation in the bridge. He calmly raised his voice and the song goes back in power. The title ends with an a cappella of both singers

2) Untitled [4'13"]
It begins with what could be the voice of a leader who harangued the crowd. An electric guitar riff quite Launches the song. Mike Shinoda raps over the entire first verse. The choruses are chanted by Chester ("Hey!" Hey! "). Unlike the first track played, Mike Shinoda, who co-produced the album with Rick Rubin (Slayer, Metallica, Slipknot), is very present on this title.

3) Untitled [4'00 "]
A guitar and a piano introduces the third piece. The singing of Mike Shinoda on the verse is pretty amazing, almost ragga! The chorus is not really identifiable with the first listen. The track runs itself without real structure. Linkin Park abandons the traditional verse / chorus. Note that for the first time in the discography of Linkin Park, Brad Delson up a guitar solo on the end of the song.

4) Untitled [4'35"]
On this track, the tempo is slower than the first three. The intensity of the song goes crescendo, like the other titles we note the absence of a real chorus easily identifiable.Has Linkin Park decided to make an album that will not go down in radio?

5) Untitled [4'26"]
Of the six titles, is without question one the most surprising. Like what could be "Breaking The Habit" on Meteora, this piece, where Chester sings alone, stands out from the rest by its lack of thickness. No guitar is heard before the third minute. Repeated many times Chester "I'm Losing What I Do not Deserve". Potential title: "What I Do not Deserve".

6) "The Catalyst" [5'42"]
The first single from the disc. Here, we expect a more formatted way in the spirit of what Linkin Park has always offered on the previous albums ... Well, no. It will still be ironed. For once, we are very far from a "Somewhere I Belong" (Meteora, 2003) or "What I've Done (Minutes To Midnight, 2007). The name of the album, A Thousand Suns, is taken from the lyrics of "The Catalyst". An amusing detail, we note that the piano part that comes at the end of the piece bears a resemblance to the song "Le Grand Secret" iwith Indochine and Melissa Auf Der Maur!

Listening to these six titles, it appears with the pleasant impression that Linkin Park has taken a real risk with this album: Finished formatted songs and radio jingles. According to information from the press officer of WEA, the other six pieces are much more focused on guitars. The album promises to a tasty mix of electro experimentation on one side and big rock songs of the other. Stay tuned ...

They say that it's quite a surprise and that there will be 12 tracks on the album.