8. Juli 2010

Linkin Park plant a tree: Video with Mike and Rob + Green Music Group Challenge

From GreenMusicGroup:


When an artist supports an environmental cause, good things can happen! Want proof? Since 2005 Linkin Park’s non-profit organization, Music For Relief, has planted over 800,000 trees, sequestering more than 270,000 tons of CO2.

Your Challenge :
Plant a tree! Plant one in your own backyard, or find a tree-planting organization and look for planting events happening near you.

Prove It :
Take a photo of your newly planted tree. Or, if you signed up for a future tree-planting event, snap a shot with the organization’s logo.

To take this challenge, you must first complete the action, then return here to upload your photo. After you have uploaded your photo, you will see a field labeled Tags:; make sure you enter "SEVEN" (use ALL CAPS please!) in this field for your photo to qualify!

Please note: Only ONE PHOTO PER MEMBER, per challenge will be counted. One winning entry will be chosen based on CREATIVITY, “GREENESS,” # OF PEOPLE INVOLVED, and how much FUN you're having!

For the Prizes and more Information go here :

source: Facebook Machine Shop Marketing