12. Dezember 2009

Linkin Park iPod/iPod Touch Game "8-Bit Rebellion"

Here are some Facts about the new IPod/Ipod Touch Game.
The game will be named "8-Bit Rebellion".
You can hear a Brand New LP Song if you complete The Game.
And Mike said that on the LPU Chat .

The game takes place in a world that used to be all "low resolution." 8-bit and lower. Then an evil corporation arrived, and they've brainwashed everyone to buy higher resolution. They are called PixxelKorp. A small rebellion has begun, to fight against PixxelKorp. You [the player] may be our only hope to combat the evil!

As you get through the game, It's laid out like an RPG style game, but it's got a strong social community aspect. You can talk to all your friends playing, and play together. You solve various missions to fight PixxelKorp. If you finish the whole 1st mission, you get something AWESOME. The iPhone game is going to be coming out in January, we believe. The secret at the end of the game is...another new song.

And there is also a new Domain http://www.linkinpark8bitrebellion.com/ parked on Machine Shop Recording.

Source : LPU Mike Chat, LPA