2. Oktober 2010

Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Teases 'Saw 3D' Role

From MTV.com

Those familiar with the "Saw" film franchise are fully aware that a large part of the popular series' appeal — in addition to its always-disturbing, gory action or trap sequences — is the veil of mystery that surrounds each film's individual plot. The films are not screened for critics, and it's difficult to get definitive details from any of the actors or filmmakers before the film opens.

Such is the case with the upcoming "Saw 3-D." So far, all we have to go on is , a cool-but-creepy and a painful-looking photo of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington reaching out from the broken windshield of a car.

When MTV News caught up with singer/actor Bennington recently, we tried to get him to divulge a few details about his mysterious role in the heavily hyped bloodfest.

"I can tell you that my name is Evan," Bennington offered. "Other than that, I can tell you nothing else about the character."

Gee, thanks, Chester. What about the scene you're involved in then?

"The thing that is interesting about this particular scene is that it's a trap set for multiple people," he explained. "Jigsaw, for those who know the films, Jigsaw typically sets up traps for one, maybe two people. There are never more people involved than that."

Until now, it seems.

"This particular trap is set up for multiple people, and it's a very complicated trap that's been set. There are different kinds of emotional things going on for my character, but it's very much in the tradition of a good 'Saw' trap," Bennington promised. "And it's in 3-D, so there's going to be blood spattering at your face, which is something that's going to be pretty bad-ass."

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