20. November 2009

Rob LPU Chat Transcript

This is the transcript of the Chat with Rob on 18.11.09

Darknessovrme: Folks just joining us WELCOME TO THE LPU chat. Wewill be chatting with Rob in a few moments so sit tight, we will be starting with numbers/symbols and letters A, B and C as soon as he is ready so have your question ready
rbourdon: What's up LPU, Rob here.
Rbourdon: Shoot away
Bec: do you find fansites creepy? ever googled yourself and found erotic fiction and gone eek! Or uber personal stuff and taken to hiding in a cupboard under the stairs?
Rbourdon: bec: I don't find fansites creepy, we have amazing fans. To be honest I don't spend a lot of time looking at anything about myself online, so it doesn't bother me.
Anstice: Hey Rob! Stupid question, but which guy in Linkin Park snores the loudest? :P By the way, it was awesome getting to hang out with you in June during the SocialVibe meet and greet. I really enjoyed being one of the first people to hear New Divide live! =)
rbourdon: Anstice: Not sure who snores the loudest, I haven't slept close enough to the guys to determine that, and I don't plan to.
colinlpu: Hi Rob! Would you ever consider experimenting with odd time signatures, and if it might be implemented in future albums to give them a more technical, progressive feel?
Rbourdon: colinlpu: We have experimented with different time signatures, we just haven't released anything that we thought was great...yet.
allUK3473 : How is the new album coming? What is the sound? Much like LP's old stuff or something completely new?
1rolphb: what is the name of the new cd and when does it come out?
rbourdon: We don't have a name for the new CD yet, and not sure when it will be out. Hopefully sometime within the first half of next year.
Ayinka: Hi Rob, its been awhile. I think we deserve a little info on the new album. I just want to know if you have an album title set and a possible name for your first single. Also are you guys going have projekt revolution 2010? love Ayinka Williams
rbourdon: New album is coming along great, we're exploring a lot of new territory musically, and we're very excited for you guys to hear it. It's hard to say exactly what it will sound like until we get a little further into the process.
cuzer: Are you going to release more of older songs like you did for LPU9? Much love from Poland ({)
rbourdon : Cuzer: Yes, if possible we'll release older songs like we will for LPU9. We have a lot of music in the LP vault and we'd like for people to hear it someday. Maybe LPU10...
adit: Have you and the band ever considered using stage effects during concerts, for example, pyro?
Rbourdon: We have used different stage effects before including pyro, but on the last tour we decided to scale the live show back to focus more on the performance, and less on the production.
B_Rox2LP_90: Hi Rob! I've seen on Mike's blog that you guys have already "completed" 5 songs for the new album. Can you go into more detail about the style of the songs so far?
rbourdon: B-Rox- We have 5 songs that are close to being finished. THey are definitely unique and don't sound like anything we have done before. It's hard to describe them, but you will hear them soon enough.
Dereklp: Hey Rob, I have more of a request than a question, but was just curious if maybe you and some of the other band members (not just Mike) could post on the forums more often, would really be cool! Thanks for your time man!
rbourdon: dereklp: I will pass your message along to the other guys, but I don't know that I can get them to blog as much as mike. He pretty much has us covered in keeping you guys up to date.
danielpsoad09: Hi Rob. This is Daniel from Chile! In which way will your drumming in the new album be different if you compare it with your previous work? i.e, are you using double pedals or more progressive rythms or anything else? Thanks
rbourdon: danielpsoad09: I'm currently working on a couple songs that are making me feel like i'm trying to crack a code to find the right drum part that will complete the song. The sounds are very unique and it's difficult to find a live drum part that compliments
rbourdon : the electronic sounds without taking away from what we've accomplished with those new sounds.
rbourdon: It's a really fun challenge. I think that my drumming is going to have to evolve to make this amazing.
eng42ine :Hey Rob, do you guys plan on ever releasing any older shows in a DSP format? Something like Mountain View 04 or something like that?
Hahninator : Do you think you could expand on the live DSP idea and possibly start selling older LP shows (2000-2006) online like other bands (Metallica, etc)?
rbourdon: Yes, we're planning to release any of the older shows that we have recorded. I'm not sure that we have recordings all the way back to 04, but we're going to release everything that we have available.
rbourdon:It's in the works, and we're hoping it happens really soon.
ipek:What do you think about getting a Twitter account? -Greetings from Turkey
rbourdon : ipek: I haven't tried twittering, and it's highly unlikely I will start. But you can check out phoenix's twitter page. Maybe I'll do some twittering via his account when I'm with him at the studio.
HybridLPFM: Glad to chat with you from Spain, Rob!! Here's my question: will be possible to hear live again "P5hng me aw*y", the Reanimation's version of Pushing me Away? Love the Live in Texas performance. Thanks for your time!!!
rbourdon :HybridLPFM: Yes it's possible that we might add Pushing Me Away Reanimation version back into the set, but it's really hard to tell at this point. I'm glad you like the song and I'll keep that in mind.
hAs:Hi Rob, thank you very much to be here. What do you think about the new Meet and greet ?
rbourdon :hAs: I like the new m/g, it gives us a chance to hang out and meet our fans vs the old version of having a lot of people move through very quickly.
General_itals: Hey Rob, im kinda hungry, hope ur not, but uh, are you guys planning on releasing any remix albums such as Reanimation or Collision course again?
rbourdon :No plans to release any remix albums right now, just focused on new music. But, it's always possible it could happen in the future.
LP_Chemist :Is your work in the studio always as idylic and funny as it looks like on the video? Or do you sometimes squabble like a bunch of old witches? And if you do, who's the most vocal defender of his opinion?
rbourdon :LP_Chemist: Working in the studio together has always been a collaborative effort. We tend to work in smaller groups, maybe 2-3 guys at a time. We have found that to be easier than working with all 6 of us together, although all of us meet once a week to listen through and give feedback. Toward the end of the process we spend a lot of time together perfecting all of the songs.
jennifercoon :Hi Rob. My question is if you could do a collaboration with anyone in the music business who would it be and why?
rbourdon :I thought it was really fun to collaborate with the composers on Transformers 2. I write film score material on my own for fun, and it was really cool to integrate our music into that score.
Fanlinkinpark02: hey Rob, would like to do a drum solo in a new song? or it's just for concert?
ladydeathseeker : Hi Rob^^ Last year at Projekt Revolution I thought you guys put on an amazing show that was my 2nd time seeing you guys and I have to say to way better than I expected so my question is are you gonna have more awesome solos if you guys do decide to tour?
rbourdon :I'm glad that you enjoyed my drum solos. I never actually planned on doing them, the other guys just forced me to. And I kind of learned how to do a drum solo as I did them live, which definitely puts me under a lot of pressure.
rbourdon : It's possible that there will be some more in the future, if the other guys force me to continue doing them.
linkingabo :Hey Rob! How do you feel now that "your song" the "Drum Song" is going to be released soon? ..btw is it much different from the album version? ...greetings from Slovakia )
rbourdon : I'm excited to hear the original version of Drum Song aka Little things Give You Away. I think you guys will find it interesting to see how a song evolves from the initial concept to the final recording.
linkinparc : rob, How much influence do you have on the lyrics? Have you ever written one line and if yes: which one? best, ana aka the greatest phoenix fan
rbourdon : Mike and Chester write all of the lyrics, but the 4 of us definitely contribute by giving them our feedback. According to Mike and Chester sometimes we have a little too much.
nkramar : Do you plan on celebrating the Hybrid Theory 10th anniversary in any special form? Maybe playing the whole CD live start to finish?
rbourdon :nkramar: Yes we've talked about doing something special for the 10th anniversary of Hybrid Theory, but not sure what exactly we will do yet. I can't believe it's been 10 years.
PinkyLouloulp: Hey Rob! Ok so Mike said in an interview that you don't like being in the spotlight and that it was hard to convince you to play a drum solo. How did it feel the first time you did? Just to ease your mind, you rock.
rbourdon : It was hard to convince me to play a drum solo- I refused- and they literally forced me to play it by not continuing to play the song until I did. I actually felt good playing the solo, and I have started to enjoy them the more I do them.
oojulezoo :hey rob my question is...How do you choose which setlist you will play for the show? Do you have a system for that or do you just pick a setlist you all agree on for the show?
rbourdon : oojulezoo: We have a few setlists, and we usually rotate them throughout the tour so that if fans want to come to more than one show that are fairly close together, they can see a different performance each night. Also within those setlists, we leave room to change things up each night.
PartTimeThinker : Hey Rob, we've noticed a trend on WB drummers recently since you donned the long hair & the beard look a while back, The Used & A7X's drummers have recently played homage to your hair styling choices, did you give them styling tips?
rbourdon : No I didn't give anybody styling tips, but somebody in my band has been asking me for styling tips!
raaaaphy : Are you guys ever going to play No Roads Left live? the whole LPU would appreciate that veeeery much!
rbourdon :raaphy: Not sure if we will play No Roads Left live, we did try it out and didn't love the way it came accross live.
Smarky : Hey Rob! Mike and Brad gave graduation speeches recently, from your expeiences that you have had, what would your advice be?
rbourdon :If I had to give any advice to musicians, the most important thing I could tell them is to spend a lot of time practicing and listening to as much music as possible. There's no substitute for hard work and practicing consistently.
rbourdon :I tried to find an easier road, and still haven't found one. Let me know if anyone figures it out.
rbourdon : A couple more questions, and then I have to run...
williamlp :Hey rob from greece! i wanted to know. will you be playing any other instruments in the new album like brad did on hands held high? By the way in four days its my birthday so chatting with you feels like a great early gift. Thanx
rbourdon : williamlp: Happy Birthday (in 4 days). If I play any other instrument, it would probably be the piano since that's the only other one I know how to play.
SergSlim: Hey Rob, do you remember if you ever performed these songs live - Carousel, And One (Full, not shortened), High Voltage (Original, HTEP, not the remix from OSC single), Part Of Me, or even maybe a Technique from HTEP?
rbourdon : I do remember performing Carousel, And One, High Voltage and Part of Me. I think we were called XERO when we called Carousel and Part of Me, and it was probably in a small club in LA or Arizona.
rbourdon : Thank you guys, it was fun chatting with you. Thank you for your continued support and feedback on the music we make. I'm excited for you to hear the new album, I hope that you love it as much as we love working on it. Catch up with you soon, hope to meet you guys at a show.
darknessovrme : thanks for joining us
*** rbourdon lost connection, left the room
Adam: Thanks everyone. Stay tuned for info on a Mike chat coming soon!