20. September 2009

Review on "Crawl Back in"

My friend of Sunriseonfire told me about this review.This Review was shwon at a German Newspaper.
Thank you Apparently Alive.=)

[...] And as we are talking about “phat bass lines” and “rich production”: Yesterday, while sitting in the car and driving, I was listening to the radio that was playing “Crawl Back In” by Dead By Sunrise, the solo-project of Linkin Park's singer. The usual angry and tattooed disenfranchised rock. Analog-cheese-music. Bluff-package-punk-rock. Not any important. But how I had to keep myself focused on the traffic and not to burst out in laughter when I heard the noticeable vocational misunderstood singer singing the following line: “I don't want to lose my innocence.” Right after that, he sang: “Won't let your lies take a piece of my soul.” Marvelous! Where did this man get such clever ideas?? Why thinking up brisky metaphors when there's these old phrases from the moldy box of rock lyrics that are still good enough. Helge Schneider's [A/N: Helge Schneider is a German singer and comedian] evergreen “I want to be free” [A/N: Original title is “Ich will frei sein”] came to my mind: “Freedom in boundaries is only dreams made of stone.” Particularly as: Who makes such stupid consesus-punk-rock has already lost their “innocence” years ago when they dyed their hair blonde. Oh, now, I talked to much. Pardon.”

Source: Sunriseonfire