3. August 2009

Dead by Sunrise in Stuttgart / Message from Ryan

Some HD Videos from Dead By Sunrise live @ Stuttgart

Crawl Back In
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My Suffering (new Version)
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A message from Ryan

Wow. Incredible first Dead By Sunrise show in Stuttgart, Germany. German LP fans are fucking awesome!

Sitting at the airport with the LP crew – everyone half asleep from working their asses off last night. It was incredible to see the crowd clapping their hands as hard as they could and yelling “Linkin Park” ALL NIGHT LONG! I think the DBS set went really well – by “my Suffering” there were hands from front to back for us as well.

This was our first real show, and I am amazed at how well the band performed together. I guess the experience of being in Julien-K together, fresh off our last US tour carried over well into DBS. It was really cool to able to play guitar again –and look over to see my favorite singer (and best friend) rocking the fuck out with us.

The band looked great – seems that we can not shake the fact that we love our fashion. Looks like black and stark white are the color combos that work (so far) for DBS.. Really fun to adapt and evolve our look into a new project.

More later - Knebworth, UK next!